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Brexit: majority of companies expect to see impact on economy and business travel

Brexit: majority of companies expect to see impact on economy and business travel

Neu-Isenburg, 29 January 2020

The United Kingdom’s official exit from the European Union will send ripples through the economy, with 56 percent of companies in Europe and the United States expecting to see a significant impact on the development of their business.

That is the result of a survey conducted by AirPlus International, a leading provider of solutions for day-to-day management of business travel. The Italian business sector takes a particularly critical view of Brexit, with more than two-thirds of the top managers surveyed there (69 percent) expecting to see a negative impact. The lowest figure is found in Germany, but even there, it is still nearly one in two respondents (44 percent) who anticipate losses due to Brexit.

In these companies’ view, Britain’s leaving the EU will also reduce the number of business trips, an effect that 57 percent of corporate managers surveyed expect to see. Here as well, Italian companies are the most cautious – nearly two-thirds expect there to be an impact. The figure for France is 58 percent, while just under one-half of respondents from the United States say the same, and 42 percent of those in Germany agree. In addition to the overall economic situation, the UK’s specific importance in terms of business travel will also be an important factor. According to figures from the AirPlus Business Travel Index, the UK is the most important destination country for international business travelers from Germany, for example, representing nearly one in ten trips originating in Germany between January and November 2019. The country ranks fourth among destinations from both France and Italy, and the same is true even for American business travelers, with trips to the United Kingdom accounting for 7.2 percent of the total.

AirPlus surveyed a total of 312 top managers in Germany, the US, Italy, and France, including CEOs, CFOs, and heads of sales, for this survey. The AirPlus Business Travel Index is an analysis of the flight bookings handled via AirPlus.

About AirPlus International:

AirPlus is a leading international provider of solutions for the daily management of business travel. 50,000 corporate customers rely on AirPlus for the payment and analysis of their business trips. The products and services are marketed worldwide under the AirPlus International brand. The AirPlus Company Account is the most successful billing account within the UATP. More information is available online at

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AirPlus International
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