Pay online business travel expenses virtually and securely

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AirPlus Virtual Cards Classic are company credit cards built for business travel payments – in virtual form.

Provide infrequent travelers with credit cards that can be generated instantly, offering flexible payment for hotels, train tickets, events, and rental cars while on business trips.

You get a 16-digit card number with a three-digit CVC code and expiry date that can be generated quickly, easily, and transparently while on the go. That means full control and overview of each and every payment. It’s secure too, as you can restrict virtual card usage to specific amounts, periods, and currencies.

Quick, virtual payment for all your travel services

Book accommodation

Cover your hotel bookings, whether for single trips or recurring stays at your chosen locations.

Arrange transportation

Purchase train tickets, rental cars, and flights – including with low-cost carriers.

Prepare for events

Pay for overnight stays, conference rooms and equipment, restaurants and even team-building activities.

Quick, virtual payment for all your travel services

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A card for any employee

With AirPlus Virtual Cards Classic, you can equip employees, contractors, interns, and infrequent travelers with a centralized payment option while maintaining full transparency and control over their spend. No need for personal cards.

Seamless integration

Thanks to integration into more than 80 booking platforms and partner systems, the whole card generation and payment process happens seamlessly in the background.

Reconciliation made easy

Thanks to integration into more than 80 booking platforms and partner systems, the whole card generation and payment process happens seamlessly in the background.

Process automation

Get a single central statement with a full overview of all travel expenses, removing the need for a travel expense statement for each individual employee.

Get yourself a flexible and virtual payment tool for travel expenses

That’s not all that AirPlus Virtual Cards Classic have to offer

Simple security

Restrict the virtual card numbers you generate to a specific purpose, limit, currency, and period of use, with single-use cards automatically expiring after use.

Better tracking

Use up to nine additional data points for information individualized for your company, such as cost center or project number. Perfect for allocating expenses later on.

Efficient delegation

Delegate manual card generation to anyone you want within your company or even to your travel agency for added efficiency.

Global payment

Like our other solutions, AirPlus Virtual Cards Classic are widely accepted around the world by millions of merchants and suppliers.

Included with AirPlus Virtual Cards Classic

AirPlus Portal

The AirPlus Portal offers important benefits for both users and administrators with its professional allround service for managing your expenses. Safely and easily access your data, transactions, statements, and many other online services – anytime, anywhere.

Top benefits at a glance:

  • Digital statements
  • Transaction overviews
  • Intelligence tools

AirPlus Intelligence Hub

Gain valuable insight into your most relevant figures and KPIs with the AirPlus Intelligence Hub. It’s your smart and simple dashboard for reporting and analytics that transform your payment data into knowledge and savings.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Easy-to-use dashboard for your payment data
  • Actionable insights into your spending
  • Visualize your data across the payment lifecycle

Ecofriendly certified

All AirPlus products are certified ecofriendly payment and settlement solutions by the Impact label of myclimate, an international nonprofit organization. This includes the AirPlus Virtual Cards Classic, making your corporate payments more sustainable.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Boost your CSR activities with an important contribution to the environment
  • Take responsibility for climate protection

AirPlus is a member of the Mastercard® network

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