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The Travel Agent
“I need a simple and secure payment solution for both my agency and my customers”

Simple solution for payment to service providers with AirPlus

“We need a simple and secure method of paying and billing services from various providers for our clients. Payment of services with our private credit cards or on invoice is not a solution – it is impractical, extremely expensive and laborious to manage.”

AirPlus Virtual Cards Travel Trade are a flexible and secure solution specificaly for Travel Agencies where you can centrally pay and bill services from third-parties. This ranges from consolidators, low-cost carriers, rental car companies, etc.

With our single collective statement, you will have all expenses clearly listed and hence, reduces your personal liability risk as opposed to using a private credit card. That not only increases your security, but also optimizes your cashflow.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Central payment of travel services
  • No personal liability risk
  • All payments clearly listed on a collective bill
  • Increased cashflow

Thanks to AirPlus Virtual Cards Travel Trade, you can quickly and easily generate additional virtual credit card numbers as required, which can be used to pay for travel services. Click here to find out more:

Learn more about the solutions we have on offer for both you and your customers:

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