The early years of AirPlus

1989, the founding of AirPlus

From humble beginnings

In 1989, Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH was founded from a former Lufthansa AG project.

1989 - 1992, the first AirPlus credit card.

Introduction of a chip and our first Eurocard

In 1989, AirPlus presented the world's first credit card with a chip. In 1992, the AirPlus Eurocard, a payment solution for all travel expenses, was launched on the market. A year later, AirPlus was the first issuer of a card duo (corporate and travel spend) for frequent travelers.

1995 - 1997 airplus data tool

Convenient data consolidation

In 1995, AirPlus pioneered a business travel management analysis tool, Netto (which later became the well-known AirPlus Information Manager) – to this day considered the standard for evaluating flight expenses.

In 1997, AirPlus became the first provider to merge and analyze data from different credit card holders.

2001 AirPlus travel portal

Portal to business travel

In 2001, AirPlus launched individual business travel portals for customers. This enabled travel managers and business travelers to access all information and services from a single source online.

2003 AirPlus Information Manager

Next up: Information Manager

In 2003, a new AirPlus tool went live: the AirPlus Information Manager. This modern online solution enabled the management and analysis of global travel budgets.

2005 AirPlus A.I.D.A cards

Continuing to thrive

By 2005, AirPlus was offering its product range in 28 countries. In the same year, the virtual credit card solution "A.I.D.A." was introduced in the UK.

2006 AirPlus Corporate Card launches

The credit card that moves with you

While AirPlus has been issuing credit cards since 1993, in 2006, AirPlus acquired its own license and began to issue its own Corporate Card – a major milestone in Germany. AirPlus officially became an independent issuer of credit cards for “on-trip” expenses.

The pioneers of sustainable payment solutions

AirPlus, now a global player, focused on fulfilling its responsibility to the environment with climate-neutral solutions and sustainability initiatives.

2007 AirPlus climate protection

Contributing to climate protection

From 2007, AirPlus enabled companies to automatically bill and evaluate climate protection contribution. This made it easier than ever for businesses to play their role in climate protection.

2010 AirPlus Green Reports

Introducing the European Card

In 2010, AirPlus recognized the increasing importance of climate protection. The response? AirPlus Green Reports. This offered companies a flexible solution for quickly and automatically generating transparent reporting for CO2 emissions from business air travel, further simplifying companies' environmental commitment.

2012 AirPlus climate-friendly payment

AirPlus Company Account goes green

In 2012, AirPlus introduced the AirPlus Green Company Account in Italy – the world's first complete CO2-neutral travel payment solution. This development marked a major step forward for the sustainable organization of business travel.

In 2015, AirPlus received the "myclimate Award 2015" at the ITB in Berlin for this pioneering work.

On course for success in Europe

Starting in 2016, AirPlus once again refocused its efforts in the European market with further innovative payment solutions for companies.

2016 AirPlus AirBnB

AirPlus ‘n’ Airbnb

In 2016, AirPlus joined forces with Airbnb to develop an integrated solution for booking, paying and settling business trips. With this, the sharing economy and travel expense management became further integrated, giving business travelers access to the best payment and travel management solutions for over 2.5 million accommodations worldwide.

2017 AirPlus European Card

Increasing our lead in Europe

In 2017, AirPlus acquired Belgian corporate card issuer BCC Corporate, further expanding its position as the leading European provider of corporate credit cards. One year later, AirPlus launched the new European Corporate Card, a uniform card solution for companies in the region.

2020 AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement

Rethinking corporate payment

In 2020, AirPlus expanded its product offering with AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement – positioning itself as an expert for all corporate payment needs. With the new card product, online and ad-hoc purchases of hardware, software licenses, office supplies, or online advertising could now be made easily, quickly, and securely.

Recent milestones

More than 53,000 corporate customers in 56 countries now rely on AirPlus solutions. Just as always, we are constantly developing our products, thus guaranteeing new, innovative solutions for the future.

2022 AirPlus Green Account

AirPlus gets greener

In 2022, the AirPlus Company Account ("Green Company Account") – which had already been climate-neutral in some markets – was now climate-neutral for all AirPlus markets worldwide.

2020 AirPlus Apple Pay

Making payments mobile with Apple Pay

In 2022, AirPlus unveiled the acceptance of the AirPlus Corporate Card in Apple Pay, enabling secure and confidential payments with iPhone and Apple Watch devices. This made payments for a wide range of services even easier.

2022 AirPlus Coupa Pay Mazepay

Two new strategic partners in procurement management

With Coupa Pay and the Danish fintech Mazepay, AirPlus gained two strategic partners from the business spend management sector. The cooperation is another important milestone on the way for AirPlus to establish itself as a provider for B2B payments – outside of business travel.

2023 AirPlus Clime-friendy

It’s official: All solutions are climate-friendly worldwide

AirPlus is certified as a climate-friendly provider with the Impact Label of the international climate protection organization myclimate. All CO2 emissions have been calculated and a corresponding contribution has been invested into climate protection projects that significantly reduce greenhouse gases.

2023 AirPlus Google Pay

Now with Google Pay

AirPlus Corporate Cards come to Google Pay, offering convenient, safe, and contactless business travel payments via Android devices. With this, both major mobile wallets are now supported.

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