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The Accountant
“I want my company's manual business travel payment processes fully automated”

Business travel creates a lot of paperwork, a problem our products and processes specialize in solving at AirPlus

“In the accounting team, travel expense reports are an ongoing issue. Collating the countless individual receipts are not only waste a lot of time, it is a major source of human error. A common problem faced is incorrect allocation of costs to pop up during audits that could cause trouble with the tax office.”

AirPlus Information ManageAfter a business trip, your work is far from done. You need to manually log and allocate the individual receipts. A lot of time is consumed and on top of that, it creates more paperwork to be dealt with.

With AirPlus, all travel expenses will be logged through our automated centralized system to speed up your accounting processes. Avoid incorrect allocation of costs by means of detailed information such as, cost centers or personnel numbers being added to the analysis.

The electronic collective statement of AirPlus Company Account, pools all transactions from a business trip and can be directly loaded into your accounting system. The best part? The collective bill also shows the VAT separately – giving you a complete document to present to the tax authorities.

Beyond that, our user-friendly data evaluation tool, AirPlus Information Manager, gives you a detailed overview of all travel costs incurred.

Not to forget, AirPlus Corporate Cards, makes travel advances superfluous and speed up the processing of travel claims. The possibility of VAT refund when traveling abroad is also taken into account, so that you can avoid manual labor and save costs.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • One collective invoice/statement instead of mutiple bills
  • Allocate costs properly with pertinent additional data
  • Load billing data directly into your accounting system

Learn more about our solutions for your travel expense management:

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