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AirPlus. Your Travel Payment Company. Providing customised travel expense solutions to fit your requirements.

AirPlus. Your Travel Payment Company. Providing customised travel expense solutions to fit your requirements.

We have been providing customized payment solutions to fit our customers’ travel requirements for over 25 years.

With AirPlus, you can save up to 30 percent on your travel and processing costs.

Before the trip

Planning, booking, and billing before the trip with AirPlus Company Account and AirPlus A.I.D.A. Virtual Payment complement each other, a means of payment for travel bookings before travel. You can use AIDA to generate virtual credit card numbers for booking requiring a MasterCard® number. For everything else use your AirPlus Company Account, powered by UATP. All travel services are then centrally paid and settled, ensuring you receive a single, transparent invoice of all your travel expenses. In addition, you can choose to have all travelers insured via our Company Account Insurance , ensuring fully comprehensive insurance for when they are on the road.

During the trip

Business travelers can pay any on-road expenses incurred with their AirPlus Corporate Cards, thus making cash advances a thing of the past. Travel expense reporting is greatly simplified and employees are comprehensively insured during the entire trip. If necessary, virtual MasterCard® numbers can also be generated in no time at all with AirPlus A.I.D.A. Virtual Payment for those without a card.

After the trip

Evaluating and optimizing your after-trip expenses with our management information system(MIS). You can evaluate in detail all services paid through AirPlus as well as having transactions from other credit cards fed into our MIS. From this travel data you can quickly draw the right conclusions and reports for making important decisions. And, if needed, we can supply you with the data for your corporate sustainability report.

This is us:
AirPlus International

This is us:
AirPlus International

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