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Call us!

If you have any questions or need more information, please call the AirPlus Service Teams.

Hotline for cardholders:
+49 (0)8 51.21 36-92 50
Hotline for companies:
0 61 02.2 04-4 44

AirPlus Card Service

Have you lost your AirPlus card?
If you have lost your AirPlus card, cancel it immediately to avoid card abuse. Call the AirPlus Service team at
+49 (0)8 51.21 36-92 50
or the central emergency hotline at
116 116
Do you have questions regarding your AirPlus cards or card statements?
Call us at
+49 (0)8 51.21 36-92 50

Contact us by mail!

Contact information for companies:
You can reach the AirPlus Service team using our contact form or by e-mail at .
Our mailing address:
Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH, 63258 Neu-Isenburg, Germany
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Contact information for cardholders:
You can reach the AirPlus Card Service team at or by regular mail at AirPlus Corporate Card Service, Postfach 1309, 94003 Passau, Germany
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Your career at AirPlus

An attractive employer. An attractive team.

Close to 800 people from 43 countries work at our headquarters in Neu-Isenburg near Frankfurt am Main in Sales, Information Technology, Customer Services, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and other departments. We promote individuals, strengthen team spirit, and cultivate a pleasant work environment. These are among the reasons AirPlus repeatedly has been honored as one of the best employers in Germany, for example, by Great Place to Work and by the German Education Prize. For more information on our company and your career at AirPlus, please go to our Corporate site.

Jobs at AirPlus

Please click on the link to view a list of current vacancies at AirPlus. Apply now or contact us if you have questions about specific jobs or career opportunities in Germany.

Please submit your application through our Online Job Portal only. To find out where we are located, please click here.

Our address:
Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH
Dornhofstr. 10
63263 Neu-Isenburg

Our application process

  1. Job search
  2. Online application in our Online Job Portal
    You will be notified automatically when we receive your application.
  3. Check of your application and first decision
    Comparison of your experience and qualifications with the job profile
  4. Online test
    All candidates are required to be tested for their cognitive skills and knowledge of the English language.
  5. Check of the online test results with regards to the individual job profile and second decision
  6. Interview at AirPlus
    Please fill out our travel expense form so we can reimburse you. We will send the form to you along with the invitation to the interview.
  7. Decision
  8. Contract

Tips to make your application easier: These are the essentials

  • Please make sure the documents you submit are complete: include a letter, your CV, and your work reports.
  • In your letter, explain why you are the right candidate for AirPlus.
  • Keep your personal information genuine – we want to get to know the real you.
  • In addition to qualifications, we set great store by each staff member’s personality – make sure yours is reflected in your documents.
  • Please submit only your work reports and your educational certificates. We will let you know if we need proof of any additional qualifications and of your expertise.
  • Please submit all applications through our Online Job Portal. We cannot process any application documents sent to us by e-mail or regular mail.

AirPlus application FAQs

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