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The Road to Effective Travel Management Starts With Data and Ends With Understanding.

Use the AirPlus Information Manager to get you there.

Travel data is big. Not just in size, but importance. Because managing travel is not cheap or easy. But if you understand your travel data, you can identify fraud and waste, improve vendor negotiations, and reduce your travel management workload. You can save time and money.

But analyzing travel data is no small feat. It’s easy to get lost in the personnel numbers, expenses, currency conversions, cost centers, service providers, and travel itineraries. To do it right, you need an effective way to transform data into knowledge. And that’s why we designed the AirPlus Information Manager to do just that.


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AirPlus Information Manager: transform your data into knowledge.

The AirPlus Information Manager is your one-stop shop to collect, organize, and analyze travel data. The system automatically consolidates all of your travel expenses to give you real-time visibility and control over you entire travel portfolio. And it’s quick and easy to operate and available to you online whenever you need it.

With just one click, you can generate figures, graphics, or standard reports. And if you need to evaluate more complex travel issues, you can select, filter, and group criteria from more than 100 data categories.


Better analysis, easier access.

Available anytime Flexible and customized Comprehensive and detailed Quick and easy
With AirPlus Information Manager, your travel expense analyses are available to you at all times and in all time zones. The Information Manager adapts to your needs and only gives you the figures and information you want. The AirPlus Information Manager includes all of your travel expense data, even from global credit card transactions through other banks. With one-click access to over 50 standard reports, the AirPlus Information Manager will simplify your travel management processes.

With AirPlus, you can save up to 25 percent on your travel and processing costs!

Learn more about our solutions for your travel expense management:

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