Smarter payment. Better business.

When it comes to payment, simple only works if it’s smart.

That’s why we do corporate payment right. Simple enough to run smoothly in the background while you get on with your life. Smart enough to move your business forward with highest-quality data, industry-leading expertise, the partners you rely on, and the human touch to make it count.

We make payment smart and simple. So you can focus on what matters to you.

Our mission

To be the smart and simple payment solution for those who want to master complexity.

When it comes to corporate payment, simple only works if it's smart. We're the ones who do it right. Everything we do stands on our pillars: partnership, leading expertise, highest quality data, seamless experiences. Payment matters to us, so you can focus on what matters to you.

What we believe in

Thinking ahead

We believe in moving payment forward – and you along with it. Payment is complex. Mastering it calls for bold, innovative, smart approaches led by real experts. Successful payment tech takes constant innovation. Leading the industry for decades means thinking ahead is in our DNA.

Taking it easy

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between easy and effective. What good is a powerful solution that’s impossible to use? Or a convenient one that doesn’t work? Payment should be simple and smart, transparent and secure – something you rely on to get on with your life.

Keeping it real

We believe that lasting relationships are built on trust and cooperation. Not everything can be automated. Behind the fancy tech, we’re all people. That inspires us to remember why we care so much about payment. Because it lets you focus on what you care about. Your business, your dreams, your life… Every new challenge is just a little creativity away from your next success story.

Why believe in us

Unmatched customer experience delivered by real experts

Over 30 years of earning trust with unrivaled market knowledge, deeply human relationships, and the best team – just for you

  • 55,000 corporate customers
  • 97% customer retention rate
  • One-stop shop through the entire payment journey
  • 24/7 service management in 7 languages and 60 countries
  • Experienced support in every major industry and across backgrounds and environments
  • Bulletproof account management with leading consultants and experts constantly searching for ways to improve your payment experience with smart and simple uses of the latest trends and research
  • Dedicated implementation, technical integration, and global project management teams, with strategic coordinators, account managers, niche experts, and all needed resources

Intelligent integration

Fast, smart & easy end-to-end payment streams to constantly meet your evolving needs

  • Market leaders in system integration
    • ~4,000 integrated partners: 2,200 travel providers, 1,500 booking channels, 230 merchants, and 120 data feeds
    • 60+ IT partners means we can integrate seamlessly into your ecosystem
    • Best-in-class integration into expense management systems (Concur, MobileXpense, SAP, and more)
    • 25+ years of data integration experience
    • The only financial service provider with a fully SAP-certified integration process (SAP Finance, SAP Travel & Expense)

  • Solutions tailored to you
    • We’ve never met a customer ecosystem we couldn’t integrate
    • Agnostic system neutrality for frictionless interaction with your partners
    • Active research and investigation to bring the right players together to make sure your systems run at their full potential
    • Customized invoice formats for full flexibility

Highest quality data & solutions

The tools to meet any challenge with insight, security & outstanding reliability

  • Built to bring speed and ease to your processes, value and insight to your data, and to save you time and money
  • A tradition of leadership and innovation in letting your data serve you
  • The best data quality in the payment industry
    • Unparalleled depth of data for best-in-class detail and information enrichment
    • #1 UATP issuer, the credit card system with the most outstanding data quality
    • Industry-leading ~95% data quality completeness value
    • Industry-leading 99.7% reconciliation rate
    • Cutting-edge technology with ultramodern, cloud-based, flexible, scalable, digital offering integrated from end to end of the value chain
    • The most customizable invoices and ebilling in the industry
  • Our solutions join deepest data quality with widest acceptance to run smoothly in the background of your payment processes and deliver across the full payment journey
    • Full digital onboarding for all products
    • Advanced data analytics for full spend control
    • Outstanding security that doesn't compromise on user experience
    • Guaranteed compliance with customizable, centralized payment

Powerful & comprehensive partner network

Strong and proven connections with key players for maximum flexibility and innovative scope

  • 91% of our partners rate us better than our competition
    • Partner relationships built on open dialogue, solution-orientation, and direct, proactive approaches
    • Partners benefit from satisfied customers thanks to superior connectivity, smarter data insights, and easy payment processes
  • Over 30 years of connecting with the industry's best has built a partner network capable of tackling any customer ecosystem we throw at it
    • Over 32 million merchants around the world
    • The leading neutral payment solution provider in business travel with over 4,000 partners
    • Enabling dynamic approaches to challenges and endless choices to build the solution structure that works best for you
  • 1-stop shop for payment transparency and data consolidation
  • Dedicated global and local partnership teams maximize mutual value and explore ways to broaden our scope and deepen our capabilities
  • Rapidly expanding B2B partners like Coupa, Mazepay, and more

Responsibility isn’t just a buzzword at AirPlus. It encompasses everything we do.

For us, CSR isn’t limited to a few charitable activities or donations but is an essential aspect of our operations, a mindset for our workforce, and a guiding light for our vision of the future. We measure success by more than financial performance but also by the positive impact we make on society. From the solutions we develop to the way we treat our employees and the impact we have on the environment.

We believe that being socially responsible in everything we do gives our payment solutions a place in a sustainable future for generations to come.

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