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So Maybe a Corporate Travel Card Won’t Change the World. But We Think This One Can Change Yours.

Let’s Talk About The AirPlus Corporate Card.

You love convenience. And we do too. That’s why we made the most convenient payment tool for travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses in history. It’s true. Our corporate cards come in various formats:

The AirPlus Corporate Card is easier to use, monitor, and control than any other corporate travel card available today.
Powered by MasterCard®, one of the largest global payment networks, our corporate cards offer an unrivalled level of acceptance around the globe. They also offer access to the award-winning AirPlus Portal to enable real-time visibility and control of your entire card program.

What level of transaction data do you need?

How important is data tranparency to you? Do you know what detailed transaction data can provide to your organization? You can learn more about data transparency HERE.

Your data needs might dictate which type of corporate card you will need (e.g. corporate, purchasing, virtual, etc.). This table shows an example of hotel data detail based on corporate card type.

comparison grid of data availability based on card type

So what’s in it for you?

You’ll want to pay attention here. Because this isn’t just another bulleted list. It’s an adventure. An adventure to explore the benefits of using the AirPlus Corporate Card to change the way you manage T&E expenses. Are you ready? Let’s go.


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Benefits Of AirPlus Corporate Cards

Discover full visibility and control

  • Make real-time adjustments to individual cardholder credit limits and cash allowances
  • Use reports and set alerts to monitor spending compliance and payment delinquency
  • Automatically import credit card data into the AirPlus Information Manager to see a full picture of your travel spend

Reduce your workload

  • Manage your travel program from anywhere with our mobile app
  • Use our full suite of online tools to save time and stress on travel program administration
  • Automatically integrate spend data into your T&E and GL/ERP systems, like Concur, SAP, and Oracle

Improve Cash Flow

  • Reduce corporate card limits as large travel expenses like flights and rental cars can be expensed on the AirPlus Company Account

Expand your global reach

  • Use your AirPlus Corporate Card at over 36 million locations and one million ATMs worldwide

Traveler Benefits

  • Travelers don’t have to use personal credit cards, which may not have sufficient limits
  • No risk to the traveler’s personal credit rating
  • 24-hour customer support around the world

Let’s wrap it up with an account summary.


Payment Terms e-Billing ForEx Rate Cash Withdrawal Liability Insurance
Net 25 days Transaction and settlement data in variety of formats: CSV, XML, CDF3 1.1% 2.5% Corporate liability with corporate or individual pay Accident: up to $500K per cardholder
Baggage: up to $1,250 for loss

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AirPlus Corporate Cards are MasterCards
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