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Virtual Cards Travel Payment Solutions
No Matter Where You're Located

From London To LA, AirPlus Virtual Cards Provide Security and Simplicity

You are based in Miami and have offices in Paris, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires. Not to worry, AirPlus Virtual Cards will handle all your hotel transactions no matter where you travel. We have the ideal virtual payment solution for global businesses.

Increased Security & Reduced Fraud

You have the detail for all your business travel transactions along with the piece of mind that your transactions are on a platform that has reduced fraud and increased security. There are multiple ways to pay for business travel but virtual payment is the most secure and has the most comprehensive data. This means that your finance and accounting departments will appreciate the minimized risk and the reduced time it takes to reconcile all expense transactions.

Easy Integration

AirPlus Virtual Cards integrate with your travel management software as well as your general ledger software (e.g. Concur, Chrome River, SAP, Oracle). We can feed full transactional detail directly into your systems with an automatic upload in a timely manner simplifying the entire process for your accounting team as well as your travelers.

Flexible Billing

Do you bill-back your business clients for travel expenses? Not to worry. We offer flexible billing cycles so we can invoice you weekly, bi-weekly or bi-monthly which allows you to bill-back your clients more frequently. And we reduce your accounts receivables and increase your cash flow in the process.


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AirPlus Virtual Cards Benefits

  • Global Usage
  • Secured Payment Reducing Fraud Risk
  • Automated Reconciliation
  • Integrates Into Travel & Expense And General Ledger Systems
  • Flexible Billing Cycles
  • Customized Invoicing
  • Improve Travel Policy Compliance

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AirPlus Virtuals Cards are based on MasterCards
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