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Sometimes Procurement Invoices Spread Like the Plague.

But don’t worry, we found the cure. The AirPlus Purchasing Card will do the trick.

Do you ever feel like you spend more money processing payments for goods and services than what they’re actually worth? We know the feeling. You have countless bills from different merchants to allocate, creditors to consider, and a mountain of missing information in the invoices you receive. And it takes real time and money to get it straight.

Do you also feel like there has to be a better way to handle purchasing and procurement? We know that feeling too. And that’s why we developed the AirPlus Purchasing Card.

The AirPlus Purchasing Card: the easiest way to navigate your procure-to-pay.

The AirPlus Purchasing Card is great. And we’re not just saying that because we made it. We’re saying that because you can use it to receive goods faster, negotiate discounts with suppliers, better manage billing accounts, optimize cash flow, and gain greater insight into your spending.

Powered by MasterCard®, the AirPlus Purchasing Card links you with millions of merchants and gives you unrivaled access to Level II and III data. But this isn’t just a disorganized data dump. AirPlus will consolidate all of your order and invoice data from suppliers into one clearly-structured invoice. Then the total invoice amount will be deducted from your account and we’ll make sure each supplier gets paid.

That’s how the AirPlus Purchasing Card simplifies the complex. And that’s how we save you time and money in the process.


In Order to download the file, you must fill up the input with your email address

Still want to know more? Let’s talk benefits.


Global acceptance Improved cash flow Purchase controls & cost reduction Efficient automation Better reporting
Nearly 36 million merchants worldwide. More time to fund payables, and you can use a grace period to maximize float. Enforce procurement policies with spending and control limits, and negotiate vendor discounts. Reduce admin costs with automated payables. Monitor company spending for coding to general ledger accounts.
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