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This One’s For You, Travel Managers. It's A New Day.

So let’s talk about how to make your life easier with AirPlus.

“As a travel manager, I always have to have an accurate picture of the type and extent of travel expenses in the company. I want to make traveling as easy and pleasant as possible for my colleagues and, of course, optimize costs for my company. I can only do that with data I can rely on.”

Travel management is complex. Whether it’s checking expenses against company policy, managing countless itineraries with ever-evolving schedules, or negotiating better prices with suppliers, the travel manager has a lot going on. But just because your job is complex, doesn’t mean your travel management tools should be too. And that’s why we created a simple, but powerful AirPlus product suite for you.

The suite includes a lodged account, corporate cards, virtual cards, and an online portal. And we think it will change the way you do your job. Here’s why.

Better flight management

Managing flights is easy with AirPlus. All flights are in a centralized account, any flight changes during a trip are documented and tracked to individual traveler, and you’ll have one-click access to travel data so you can analyze your entire travel portfolio.

Targeted negotiations

The best negotiations are built from facts. And that’s why the detailed spend analysis we provide is essential at the negotiation table with suppliers. Let us show you how to reduce direct travel costs with accurate and meaningful data at your next negotiation.

Peace of mind

All of your employees are covered by business travel insurance for any transport paid for using the AirPlus products. This includes travel accident insurance, general travel insurance, and travel and medical assistance.

Worldwide acceptance

The AirPlus Corporate Card is powered by MasterCard®, which means it’s accepted at more the 32.6 million merchants in more than 240 countries worldwide.

Enhanced partnerships

We realize that your current partners know your booking needs better than we ever could. So rather than force you to leave them behind, we’ll make your partners our partners.

Oh, and by the way, we’re not big on automated phone systems and Internet contact forms. So with AirPlus you can plan on having an actual person available to help you whenever, however, and wherever you need.

The AirPlus product suite that will get you there.

The AirPlus Company Account is a virtual centralized billing solution for all of your travel expenses. It’s the most detailed travel payment account available with high quality data delivered to you in a fully reconciled invoice.

The AirPlus Corporate Card and are your one-way ticket to payment solutions where convenience reigns and fraud doesn’t exist. And both are powered by MasterCard®, so you’ll also find unrivaled acceptance around the globe.

Analyzing travel data is no small feat. To do it right, you need an effective way to transform data into knowledge. Which is why we designed the AirPlus Information Manager and Reports on Demand solutions to do just that. With just one-click, you’ll see your cost drivers and be equipped to draw the right conclusions to make key decisions. Decisions that will improve your travel policy, supplier negotiations, and direct costs.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Simplify travel cost management
  • Flexible and secure payment
  • Save on processing costs and travel services
  • Personal support from your AirPlus contact
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Full visibility of all expenses (even from the road)
  • Delight colleagues on business trips:
    1. Less receipt hassle and cash advances
    2. Comprehensive insurance coverage
    3. Easy travel expense reporting

Learn more about our solutions for your travel expense management:

AirPlus is a member of the UATP
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