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Human Resources Is Hard Enough, So Managing Travel Should Be Easy. We Totally Agree.

That’s why we made the AirPlus product suite.

“Satisfied employees are our most valuable asset. The company has a particular duty of care, especially when it comes to business trips. A professional equipping of employees with a suitable means of payment and appropriate insurance is a must.”

Sometimes managing travel can feel as complex as managing HR. Whether it’s ensuring that employees are fully covered, safe in dangerous places, or in appropriate accommodations, managing travel is no easy task. The thing is, we think your job is tough enough already, so we developed an AirPlus product suite to help you navigate all your travel payment issues.

The suite includes a virtual, enhanced central bill account; single-use virtual cards; corporate cards and an online portal. And we know it can help you better manage the human side of your company’s travel program. Here’s how.

Non-employee travel

How are you handling travel for recruits? Do you have consultants or contractors that travel on behalf of your company? AirPlus solutions for the non-standard business traveler are simplified and efficient. And we provide complete travel data for every trip, making your life easier when it comes to paying for and reconciling their business trips.

Policy compliance

Managing what is undoubtedly a complex travel policy can be daunting. Trying to do so without full visibility is nearly impossible. By giving you the tools to clearly see who is spending what money where, AirPlus puts you in the driver’s seat to enforce (and maybe even improve) your travel policy.

Happy travelers

We know that no one likes a bad business travel experience. And that’s why we work to keep your employees happy while they’re out of the office. To do that, we give your employees 24/7 access to our London-based call center for assistance. We also streamline the expense reporting process with solutions that automate reporting and make receipts obsolete.

Ahead of the pack

Understanding how the market is moving and how your peers are managing their payment programs can be incredibly useful. We are dedicated to produce regular thought leadership pieces on travel management trends, traveller satisfaction, and policy efficacy. We’ll keep you on trend and in the know.

The AirPlus product suite that will get you there.

With effective travel management solutions, you not only support employees, but your company benefits too. And that’s why AirPlus offers better solutions and less work for everyone involved.

Prior to the trip, employees can easily pay for travel services with the AirPlus Company Account. Then while traveling, employees can securely cover business expenses anywhere in the world with the AirPlus Corporate Cards and AirPlus Virtual Cards.

After the trip, you can use the AirPlus Information Manager to transform travel expense data into knowledge. With just one-click, you’ll see synthesized analysis of travel expenses from the individual-level to aggregate company-wide data. This is key when trying to monitor and adjust employee travel policies.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Travelers are satisfied and secure: no advanced payments, no outlay, and no cash
  • Simplified travel payment for recruits, consultants and contractors
  • Ability to easily allocate recruiting costs back to the appropriate department
  • Around-the-clock help and support in an emergency

Learn more about our solutions for your travel expense management:

AirPlus Corporate Cards are MasterCards
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