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Together the best for our customers – our travel management partnerships

We See Mutual Growth For Client Benefit As The Goal.

TMC’s are our most important group of partners and while we are agnostic as to which TMC you use, we do make sure that we work closely with all our fantastic TMC partners. Partnerships at AirPlus range from simple technology interface partnerships to more involved close-knot partnerships that involve developing solutions for you to make your job or managing travel much easier.

Our partnerships exist to benefit our mutual clients. If you have a preferred TMC that we have not worked with, don’t worry – our network of TMC’s is constantly expanding. We are able to onboard with new TMC’s so fast you won’t even notice it.

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Credit Card Reconciliation

With AirPlus as your payment provider, we capture transactional data from the merchant with supplemental booking data from the travel management company. We take the hassle out of reconciliation as our solutions do it for you. This allows you to focus on the more important tasks at your agency.

Reduce Fraud

With the lowest levels of fraud in the industry, AirPlus solutions strengthen your relationships with your clients. Give your agency and your clients piece of mind with the enhanced security that is the hallmark of AirPlus payment solutions.

Global Travel Expertise

AirPlus focuses solely on travel payment - its what we've been doing for over 25 years. Like you, we are experts and understand the industry. We operate in over 60 countries around the world facilitating travel bookings in over 120 countries. So we have your back when working with multinational clientele.

Increase Your Cash Flow

How costly and time consuming is your invoicing process? With the industry constantly evolving, agencies need to focus on the future and not on invoicing. That's where we step in. We can bill clients directly reducing your accounts receivable which allows you to stay client focused and forward thinking.

Whats even better than that? Utilize an AirPlus account for your own agency, allowing you to pay for transactions later and increasing your purchasing power. We hope that brings a smile to your face.

TMC Partners

Travel Leaders

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