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If you have any questions or need more information, please call the AirPlus team:

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Working with industry partners makes life easier for our mutual clients

And We Love Making Life Easier For Everyone Involved

No matter if you are an airline, hotel, rental car company, train line or any other industry partner, AirPlus works directly with travel providers to ensure payment acceptance on the front end as well as high quality data capture at the time of booking.

Get Paid More Now

Accepting AirPlus is easy and allows your business to get paid upfront for transactions instead of having to wait on client payments. And our merchant fee is lower than the average credit card. We do our own processing which reduces the possibility of fraud.


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Reduce Accounts Receivable

Invoicing is costly, time consuming and a hassle. Let AirPlus handle your books and bill your clients directly. Increase your cash flow and allow resources to work on more important projects. Utilize yoru own AirPlus account and pay for transactions later while increasing your purchasing ability.


Ingreation with AirPlus is unique in that our set ups are customized to the customer and not just a "cookie cutter" that we force everyone to adapt. We operate over differnet networks and offer solutions that fit your business needs to better serve your customer.

We Are Data Specialists

AirPlus works directly with travel management companies to receive supplemental travel data. This allows us to bridge the gap between transactional data and booking data. We are truly the "data geeks" which means you don't have to be.

On top of the supplemental data we recieve, we capture transactional data from our merchants and 3rd party processors. We then link this supplemental booking data to each transaction. Our 98% match rate along with our unique data identifiers allow us to seemlessly feed ERP systems, general ledger and other financial systems automatically.

Synthesizing data enhaces the travel transaction data and turns it into information. This improves your client's experience.

Industry Partners

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