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If you have any questions or need more information, please call the AirPlus Service team.

Hotline for Cardholders of AirPlus Corporate Card
(For support, queries, lost and stolen cards)
+44 (0) 208 175 2855

Hotline for Corporates:
+44 (0) 208 994 4725

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You can reach our AirPlus Service Teams via our contact form.

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Cloud with packages and AirPlus Virtual Card, as a simple and secure online payment solution.

AirPlus Virtual Cards ProcurementYour virtual credit card for online purchases

Easy and secure online payment solution

Imagine that your product management team wants to purchase tickets for a trade fair over the Internet.

It’s a pretty standard request that shouldn’t be a problem… except that most online providers of software, event tickets and other similar products require immediate payment online.

Spontaneous ad hoc spending like for Amazon orders or recurring online purchases like software subscriptions generally cannot be processed through typical procurement systems, especially when made last minute.

That's because they often follow a rigid process of invoicing and payment via bank transfer — a method that's incompatible with modern payment needs online.

Sound familiar?

Allow us to introduce you to our AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement solution.

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Optimised for procurement

AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement is the optimal payment solution for business purchases that cannot be processed through your procurement system.

This is often the case for purchases that require either a card transaction or immediate payment and delivery.

You can use your virtual Mastercard® to pay for one-time and recurring purchases like these on demand.

Download the fact sheet

Features of a virtual card


Make payments safely and securely by restricting virtual card usage to specific amounts, periods, merchants and currencies.


Use your AirPlus Virtual Card with millions of merchants worldwide, wherever Mastercard® is accepted. Make payments in different currencies and save on FX fees. (Available in 16 countries)


Monitor and manage transactions centrally on frequently used purchasing platforms, requiring fewer resources for richer data.


Setting up and making payments is quick and easy for anyone who handles regular credit cards, meaning they are available for everyone.

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How AirPlus Virtual Cards work

An AirPlus Virtual Card is a 16-digit card number with a three-digit CVC code, exactly like a regular credit card. However, they are completely digital, meaning it's quick and easy to generate new virtual credit cards as needed. This is what makes them so convenient and secure.

AirPlus Virtual Cards are available in two varieties: single-use and multi-use. Each is optimised for different use cases and scenarios.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Secure payment and control: You can define specific amounts, periods, merchants and currencies for the virtual credit card numbers you generate, with single-use cards being SCA-exempt and not requiring cumbersome 2FA verification with each purchase.

  • Easy to use:Virtual cards can be generated quickly and used like a regular credit card. Payments are made immediately, perfect for online channels that require the money to be sent through at the moment of purchase.

  • Worldwide acceptance: With AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement, you can pay at any location worldwide that accepts Mastercard®, with no FX fees for foreign currency payments.

  • Optimised processes: Additional transaction data make it easier to allocate invoices and bookings. Since all expenses are settled centrally, you no longer have to deal with time-consuming, error-prone expense reports from employees who purchased with their own card.

  • Full transparency: For every AirPlus Virtual Card, we offer 9 additional fields for supplemental transaction data, such as cost center or employee ID, maximising your visibility and control while also providing a real-time overview of all spending.

Learn more about AirPlus Virtual Cards

Dive deeper into the potential of virtual cards and discover how they can benefit your internal stakeholders and suppliers in our ebook or webinar-on-demand.

Have further questions? Sign up for a live 1-2-1 demo

Missing something? Or are you looking to learn more? Simply fill out your details in the form below and our AirPlus Procurement Expert will get in touch with you to schedule a suitable time.

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