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If you have any questions or need more information, please call the AirPlus Service team.

Hotline for Cardholders of AirPlus Corporate Card
(For support, queries, lost and stolen cards)
+44 (0) 208 175 2855

Hotline for Corporates:
+44 (0) 208 994 4725

For our corporate and prospective customers

You can reach our AirPlus Service Teams via our contact form.

For our cardholders:

Please use this contact form to contact our AirPlus Service Team for cardholders.
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Business man on the phone in a car talking about easy business payment

Business travel management made easy at AirPlus

Did you know business travel payments account for 10-12% of the average corporate expense budget?* For most businesses, this makes travel one of the largest controllable annual expenses. With so much of your budget potentially at stake, having an end-to-end solution for managing travel costs could save your business a lot of time and money.

How AirPlus can help you

AirPlus is a multi-award winning business travel payment specialist. Through our industry-leading Corporate Card programme, Company Account, virtual payments and user-friendly support systems, we can offer your business an easy way to manage its travel expenses more efficiently.

A Service Tailored To Your Needs

Because we realise every business has unique requirements when it comes to travel expenses, we are devoted to creating a bespoke service that suits you. That’s why we have invested heavily to ensure you have access to a reliable corporate card with customisable control and security features built in.

If you have a company account with us, we’ll send you a single invoice consolidating all your travel expenses. Again, you can customise the invoice to include only the data you need or find relevant. This streamlines the accounting process for your business and provides the visibility needed to cut travel costs where possible.

A Customer-Driven Approach

We use your feedback to refine our products and services, ensuring they are as easy to use as possible. Plus, we offer a fully digital service that will enable you to perform most of your administration online.

If you have a problem that only a human can solve, our UK-support team can help. Access to specialist advice is never more than a phone call or email away. And, as a small but dedicated team, we promise never to pass you around between agents before getting the answers you need.

*source: Aberdeen Group

At A Glance, AirPlus Offers:

  • Nearly three decades of experience in the business travel payment industry
  • A corporate card programme with comprehensive control and security features
  • Streamlined invoicing that reduces admin and simplifies expense consolidation
  • Easy to use systems that ensure you can perform most administration online
  • Access to a UK support team and specialist advice over the phone or via email
  • Seamless integration with existing travel procurement and finance systems
  • Data quality and enrichment that makes identifying cost-saving opportunities easy

Want to learn more about how AirPlus simplifies business travel management? Then you can take a look at our Corporate Card and Company Account pages. Or, to speak to one of our experts directly, simply contact the team today – we’re always happy to help.

Planning and settling before the trip

You lodge the AirPlus Company Account as the means of payment for travel bookings. You can also use AirPlus Virtual Payment to generate virtual credit card numbers as needed through MasterCard®. All travel services are then centrally paid and settled – you get a single, transparent invoice. Plus, all persons whose trips have been paid through AirPlus are comprehensively insured.

Paying and billing during the trip

Business travelers can pay any expenses incurred with the AirPlus Corporate Cards – cash advances are a thing of the past. Travel expense reporting is greatly simplified and your employees are comprehensively insured during the entire trip. If needed, they can generate a virtual MasterCard® number in no time at all with AirPlus Virtual Payment.

Evaluating and optimising after the trip

With our information management system, you can evaluate in detail all services paid through AirPlus. You can also include transactions on other credit cards. From this data, you can then quickly draw the right conclusions and make important decisions.

AirPlus is a member of the UATP network
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