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Traveller Safety and Comfort
AirPlus offers practical and comfortable solutions for your travellers

The flexible AirPlus solutions for business travelers providing comfort and security

Business travelers need a secure, flexible means of payment. Paying for expenses in advance with their private credit card is inconvenient and costly. Whereas carrying large amounts of cash on trip is unsafe and impractical. And should something happen to them while on the road, sufficient insurance coverage is a must. But when they think everything is over, there's still travel expense reporting to be done!

With more than 90 percent of all companies worldwide send their employees on business trips – business travel is a company‘s third-largest cost item. With A.I.D.A. Virtual Payment you can significantly reduce these expenses: there is no need for cash advances, processing costs drop, travel expense reports are easier and comprehensive insurance protection is already included.

The AirPlus Travel Insurance consists of two basic insurances: the Travel Accident Insurance 24/7 and the Transport Accident Insurance. With the Travel Accident Insurance 24/7, your traveler is protected during the entire duration of the business trip (valid 24/7 for a business trip up to 30 days). Whereas, the Transport Accident Insurance, provide your traveller with even more comprehensive insurance coverage.

Learn more about our products for your centralized business travel management:

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