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The Business Traveler
“I want my buiness trip to run smoothly so I can focus fully on the job I'm there to do”

Pay and account for your business trips more easily with AirPlus before, during, and after travel

“As a field representative, I am often on the road, at home and abroad. I do a lot for my company – naturally, I would expect convenience and security while traveling. That includes not having to pay for my business expenses weeks in advance from my own pocket.”

When traveling, you need a secure, flexible means of payment. Paying for expenses in advance with your private credit card is inconvenient and costly. Carrying large amounts of cash on trip is unsafe and impractical. Also should something happen while on the road sufficient insurance coverage is a must. We have you covered via our AirPlus Company Account! The centrally lodged AirPlus product covers all large cost items such as flights that are centrally booked and paid for by the travel department - you no longer have to make advance payments.

And just when you thought the trip was over there's still travel expense reporting to be done. Again AirPlus simplifies payment not only while traveling, but makes travel expenses more transparent and easier to process for both you and your company.

With our AirPlus Corporate Cards, you can pay for your on-road expenses anywhere in the world. The best part? Your travel expense claim can be completed quickly and conveniently upon your return.Not to mention extended payment terms provide you with sufficient time for finalising your expenses, and should something unforeseen happen during your trip, you are well-covered by our comprehensive travel insurance. Isn't that the peace of mind you are after each time you travel?

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Flexible and secure means of payment for business trips
  • Payment accepted worldwide
  • All expenses – even those on the road – in view
  • No more cash advances or collecting of individual receipts
  • Easy and transparent travel expense reporting
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage

Learn more about our solutions for your travel expense management:

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