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Woman walking pulling her suitcase with ease after having paid her travel expenses conveniently and securely with AirPlus Virtual Cards

AirPlus Virtual Cards ClassicThe convenient and secure virtual payment solution for business travel.

Settle your expenses centrally while maintaining flexibility

Finding the optimal payment solution for your needs is never easy.

Here’s an example: Providing credit cards to staff members who travel infrequently is not a good use of company resources, yet credit cards are indispensable for paying for hotels, train tickets and rental cars while on business trips.

What you need in this case is an all-round payment solution that’s as quick and easy to use as a credit card while also offering the flexibility, transparency and security that is required in the current payment landscape. Thankfully, we have just that – AirPlus Virtual Cards, our virtual payment solution optimized for corporate travel.

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Virtual and fast

AirPlus Virtual Cards are the optimal solution for fast and flexible payments. As a digital version of your typical plastic Mastercard® credit card, you’re able to generate new credit card numbers for each individual transaction and pay for your travel-related expenses. Best of all, you can use it wherever Mastercard is accepted, meaning it’s compatible with millions of merchants worldwide.

Extensive security anytime, anywhere

Every card number you generate can be limited to a specific purpose. You can then add restrictions on top of this, including a maximum amount, period of validity, and specific currency. This makes AirPlus Virtual Cards extremely secure, so you can feel at ease when offering it to staff members who don’t have a corporate card or to external service providers traveling at your expense.

Enhanced convenience for settling and analyzing your expenses

All payments made with AirPlus Virtual Cards are settled through one central account and are itemized on a single clearly structured collective invoice. Between the top-notch data quality, additional data points and clear allocation of payments and bookings, settling and analyzing costs becomes as easy as one, two, three.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Secure payment and control
    Decide who within your organization is allowed to generate card numbers and limit their use to a specific amount, purpose, period of use and currency.

  • Easy integration
    Integrate your virtual cards into in your back-end systems with ease and enjoy full automation with your business travel payments.

  • Improved processes
    Streamline your processes with centralized expense settlement so that your staff members no longer have to deal with time-consuming and error-prone travel expense reporting.

  • Full transparency
    Make use of up to 9 fields of additional data for each of your virtual cards, including cost centers or staff IDs, to assign invoices to bookings and consolidate all your data into one clearly structured overview.

Want to digitalize all your business payments?

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