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AirPlus Company Account
The centralised payment solution for your business trips

Your AirPlus Company Account is a central settlement account for payment of your business travel which includes a statement summary all of your travel expenses at a glance

Prior to a business trip, many elements are needed to be booked - such as, flights, hotels, rail tickets and car rentals. These and other services are then needed to be settled and evaluated to ensure transparency of travel payment, as well as compliance to travel policy. These processes can result in many receipts quickly piling up on the desk of the person required to reconcile them, and often the costs cannot be clearly allocated.

With the Company Account, you control your business travel rather than it controlling you

You can book and pay for all your travel requirements, from flight, rail tickets, and rental cars to hotel rooms via one central account. All travel expenses are then provided through a single electronic statement, also displaying the additional information that you may require to reconcile your expenses. Thus, allowing you to easily allocate and fully evaluate all your business trips.

You control your travel costs, resulting in time and money savings throughout the whole process. What’s more? With the AirPlus Company Account your employees are eligible for full comprehensive insurance coverage during their business trips.


In Order to download the file, you must fill up the input with your email address

In less than three minutes find out how simple travel expense management can be:


In Order to download the file, you must fill up the input with your email address

Climate-neutral on a global scale

The AirPlus Company Account is a completely climate-neutral billing solution. It is the world’s first fully carbon-neutral product in the financial services sector and thus, setting a new benchmark in environmental conservation. Tracing your company’s carbon footprint is also possible via our Company Account ‘Green Reports’, speak to your sales manager to find out more.

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With AirPlus, you can save up to 30 percent on your travel and processing costs.

AirPlus is a member of the UATP
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