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Your AirPlus Product Suite
Provides you with travel payment solutions customized to suit all your travel needs

The AirPlus product suite offers a range of travel payment solutions customized to your business travel needs

Our AirPlus Product Suite provides you with a complete range of travel payment solutions for your travel management needs. From our centrally lodged Company Account for all your pre-trip travel expenses to A.I.D.A., our virtual payment solution available for both pre and during travel expenses, to our AirPlus walking cards for all your on-road trip expenses. Our Information Manager completes our product range by providing you with a tool to reconcile and manage your travel expenses once the trip is complete.

Your AirPlus product suite offerings:

Your Business Travel Portal: around-the-clock service

The AirPlus Business Travel Portal is an online platform providing a central overview of our Products in regards to your company’s overall travel spend. You also have direct access to electronic billing and invoicing, as well as our various reporting tools. It really is the complete online tool for your business travel management – anytime, anywhere. Simply log in via our home page.

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