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Travel Credit Cards and Fraud Go Hand in Hand

So we decided to get rid of both. Enter the AirPlus Single-Use Virtual Card.

Managing travel expenses is hard. But you knew that already, right? Employee credit cards are tough to control, cash isn’t practical, and advanced payment with private cards is inconvenient and expensive.

Now we could spend all day talking about the complex challenges of travel expense management. But that’s no fun. We’d rather tell you about simple solutions. We’d rather tell you about the AirPlus Virtual Account.

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Introducing the card that isn't a card: The AirPlus Single-Use Virtual Card.

The AirPlus Virtual Account is a single-use MasterCard® number generated in real-time to pay for travel services worldwide. So you can forget the plastic because this travel payment card isn’t a card at all. You can also forget employee overspending, unexplained charges, lost receipts, and overcharging.

How’s it work? It’s simple. Say you have a travel expense that your organization needs to cover, like a hotel, flight, rental car, or all of the above. You can use the AirPlus Virtual Account to quickly generate a digital MasterCard® that is limited to a specific purpose, amount, time period, and currency. Give your traveler the virtual card number, and relax. Because we’ll take it from there.

So what’s in it for you?

The AirPlus Virtual Account isn’t just about saving plastic. It’s about saving your organization time, money, and stress. And here’s how we do it.

Benefits of AirPlus Single Use Virtual Card

  • Give you the big (data) picture
    • Access comprehensive Level II and III data including status, payment dates, amounts, vendor information, and more online
    • Choose up to15 additional data fields like cost center, employee ID, or department to be captured at the time of booking for ease of sorting and cost allocation
    • Leverage detailed data to improve vendor negotiations and policy compliance
  • Help you integrate and implement
    • You’ll have your own AirPlus implementation team to integrate all of your processes and systems quickly

  • Less fraud and better compliance
    • Effectively no risk of fraud since virtual cards are limited by merchant type, amount, time period, and more
    • You can also create pre-authorization requirements to control purchases over a set dollar amount and buffer zones on transaction amounts to cover price variations
    • Increase travel policy compliance by having your travel management company issue the single-use virtual card numbers
    • Reduce the spending limits on company credit cards since they will no longer be needed to cover large travel expenses

  • Expand your global reach
    • The virtual cards are accepted at over 36 million locations worldwide, including over 136,000 hotels
    • Charges in non-US currencies will automatically be converted to US dollars using the proceeding day’s MasterCard® International/Europay exchange rate

Let’s wrap it up with an account summary

Payment Additional Data ForEx Rate Liability
Net 15 day Up to 15 additional data fields 1.1% Employee liability protection program protects against misuse

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