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About the AirPlus Business Travel Portal

Our online services for business travelers and travel managers

In the AirPlus Business Travel Portal you can access your online account as well as all data and services conveniently around the clock. Business travelers and travel managers have all the functions and services they need at hand anytime and anywhere.

You can use the following online services in the AirPlus Business Travel Portal:

For travel managers

  • View in your online card account all card statements issued over the past 12 months.
  • See transactions that have not yet been invoiced to maintain control over credit notes and charges.
  • Create lists of issued cards quickly and easily.
  • Export all data to Excel conveniently.

For business travelers

  • View in your online card account all transactions made with your card as well as your card statements for the past 12 months.
  • Track and trace gives customers a comprehensive overview about the latest status of invoice disputes quickly and conveniently online.
  • Receive an annual transaction report, which contains an analysis of the entire previous calendar.

Use the services included in the AirPlus Business Travel Portal.

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