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Finance and Accounting Is All About Cash And Transparency

Use The AirPlus Product Suite To Get More Of Both.

“We do not want to give any money away in business travel. We were able to cut costs and increase our cash flow thanks to greater transparency, an exact allocation of trip expenses and terms of payment tailored to our needs.”

How would you like to reduce your S,G & A? As you know, business travel and expenses aren’t cheap. And neither is processing them. But you know that better than anyone. You also know that big expenditures like business travel can be the best places to look for cost savings. We agree. And that’s why we designed the AirPlus product suite help you find them.

Our suite includes an enahnced, virtual central bill account, single-use virtual cards, corporate cards and an online portal. And we know it can save you time and money. Here’s how:

Reduced Costs & Automated Reconciliation

The AirPlus product suite automatically logs all travel expenses in a virtual, centralized account, and then delivers high quality, enhanced data in a fully reconciled statement that can be integrated into your GL and T&E systems. This streamlines processes, reduces administration time, and improves supplier negotiations. This saves you money.


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Fraud Protection

AirPlus is one of the most secure providers in the business. And we take fraud protection very seriously. Which is why our products include industry-leading security measures to mitigate risks associated with cash advances, card usage, and large purchases.

Better Data And Reporting

We aren’t big on hidden costs, and we figure you aren’t either. That’s why we designed our invoicing and information management systems to help you easily keep track of exactly what is being spent throughout the entire company, at all times.

Policy Compliance

Managing what is undoubtedly a complex travel policy can be daunting. Trying to do so without full visibility is nearly impossible. By giving you the tools to clearly see who is spending what money where, AirPlus puts you in the driver’s seat to enforce (and maybe even improve) your travel policy.

The AirPlus Suite That Will Get You There:

The AirPlus Company Account is a virtual centralized billing solution for your travel expenses. It’s the most detailed travel payment account available with enhanced, high quality data delivered to you in a fully reconciled invoice.

The AirPlus Corporate Card and AirPlus Virtual Cards are your one-way ticket to payment solutions where convenience reigns and fraud doesn’t exist. And both are powered by MasterCard®, so you’ll also find unrivaled acceptance around the globe.

Analyzing travel data is no small feat. To do it right, you need an effective way to transform data into knowledge. Which is why we designed the AirPlus Information Manager to do just that. With just one-click, you’ll see your cost drivers and be equipped to draw the right conclusions to make key decisions. Decisions that will improve your travel policy, supplier negotiations, and direct costs.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Secured payment solutions that reduce risk of fraud
  • Cost savings and increased cash flow
  • No-touch reconciliation
  • Automate integration with your expense mgmt and general ledger systems
  • Ability to provide information to you executives on-demand
  • Paperless invoice and statement option
  • Flexible billing option (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly)
  • Improve cost allocation

Learn more about our solutions for your travel expense payment:

AirPlus is a member of the UATP
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