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You Know How To Move Products Off The Shelf.
And We Know How To Integrate Travel Payment With Your Systems.

So Let’s Talk About AirPlus Travel Payment Solutions.

A Better Alternative To Cash Advances For Travel.

When employees don’t have personal credit available to travel for work, cash advances can feel like the only option. But cash is not king when it comes to preventing fraud and ensuring travel policy compliance. That’s why we offer virtual payment solutions that can cover employee expenses and automatically provide proper expense documentation. Just give your traveler the virtual card number, and relax. Because we’ll take it from there.

Say Goodbye To Manual Reconciliation And Slow Reimbursement.

Is your accounting team frustrated spending too much time reconciling expense reports? Does this delay reimbursement and leave you with irritated staff? We know the feeling. But don’t worry, our solutions will speed reconciliation and integrate directly into your travel expense and general ledger software. So tell the accounting team to recycle those receipts and wait for a single automatically reconciled invoice. You might just be their new best friend.


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And Hello To Your Solution For Non-Employee And Infrequent Travelers.

It doesn’t make sense to issue credit cards to employees that only travel a few times a year. And you would never give one to a non-employee. But you may still need them to travel for work, and someone has to handle the payment and documentation. That’s why we designed the AirPlus product suite to help you do the job. Not only can we provide a solution that is centrally billed, but we’ll also make sure that you have the proper documentation to bill-back the correct department cost center when it’s all said and done.

Don’t Forget About The Power Of One-Click Travel Data.

Travel data is big. Not just in size, but importance. Because managing travel is not cheap or easy. But if you understand your travel data, you can identify fraud and waste, improve vendor negotiations, and ensure travel policy compliance. Whether it’s analyzing which airlines you use the most, which city pairs are traveled most frequently, or the average room rates with each hotel chain, the AirPlus product suite will help you transform data into cost-saving knowledge.

AirPlus is here to be your partner for all things travel management. Let’s talk so we can save you time and money.

Learn more about our solutions for your travel expense management:

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