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Your Job Is To Grow The Great Minds of Tomorrow.
That's No Small Feat.

So let us handle the travel payment.

What Our Customers Have To Say

“Georgia Tech has used the AirPlus Company Account program for over 7 years and it has been an enormous improvement over other corporate ghost card programs that were used previously. Our travelers see the benefit of using the program for direct billing of airfare through Concur and our travel management companies. Thanks to the flexibility of AirPlus enhanced data, we were able to automate voucher payments and collect important reporting metrics. Reconciliations are a breeze, customer service is excellent, and AirPlus’ technology supports our processes and systems.”

A Better Way To Manage Group And Team Travel?

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Managing group travel is hard. You have sports teams traveling, students studying abroad, and classes and groups constantly on the move. Handling the payment, processing, and expense reporting for it all is no small feat. We totally understand. And that’s why we designed the AirPlus product suite to simplify your life. Whether it’s lodged accounts, corporate cards, virtual accounts, or information management, we are here to save you time and money on your group travel.

Say Goodbye To Manual Reconciliation And Slow Reimbursement.

Is your accounting team frustrated spending too much time reconciling expense reports? Does this delay reimbursement and leave you with irritated staff and faculty? We know the feeling. But don’t worry, our solutions will speed reconciliation and integrate directly into your travel expense and general ledger software. So tell the accounting team to recycle those receipts and wait for a single automatically reconciled invoice. You might just be their new best friend.


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Your Solution For Non-Employee And Infrequent Travelers.

Guest lecturers are great for students, but can be hard for you. Because someone has to get them to town and cover their expenses while they’re here. And that’s not the easiest thing to do for non-employees and infrequent travelers. That’s why we designed the AirPlus product suite to help you do the job. Not only can we provide a solution that is centrally billed, but we’ll also make sure that you have the proper documentation to bill-back the correct department cost center when it’s all said and done.

And Don’t Forget About Those Cumbersome Research Grants.

We all love research grants. They literally pay the bills. But sometimes there are cumbersome strings attached, especially when it comes to documenting spending and travel expenses. That’s OK though, because documentation is our specialty. The AirPlus product suite is your one-stop shop to automatically consolidate, document, and report all of your travel expenses to meet all your research grant reporting requirements.

The example below shows the level of transaction detail available for hotel stays based on payment method.

comparison grid of data availability based on card type

AirPlus is here to be your partner for all things travel payment. Let’s talk so we can save you time and money.

Learn more about our solutions for business travel payment:

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