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Managing Group And Team Travel Is Not A Relaxation Technique. But Letting Us Do It For You Is.

Find Your Zen With AirPlus Travel Solutions.

Managing group travel is hard. Whether it’s a research unit, oil rig crew, athletic team, conference group, students traveling abroad or batch of new candidates, handling the payment, processing, and expense reporting for it all is no small feat.

We totally understand.

And that’s why we designed the AirPlus product suite to simplify your life. Whether it’s lodged accounts, corporate cards, virtual accounts, or information management, AirPlus travel solutions will make payment easier, reduce fraud, and automate reconciliation.

Each traveler can be identified and associated with the proper travel transactions because of our enhanced data capabilities. Which means you don't need to figure out which travel expense belongs to which traveler. Whats even better, we deliver your invoice to you fully reconciled so you have more time to focus on the group itself and not on mundane travel & expense documentation.

We are here to save you time and money on your group travel.

Move your groups around the globe with ease. Find out more:

With AirPlus, you can save up to 25 percent on your travel and processing costs.

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