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FAQs about insurance coverage

The only person eligible to claim our insurance benefits is the cardholder. You are insured on flights, on trains, in rental cars, and as a hotel guest on the premises of the hotel, as well as in all means of transportation used as a shuttle to and from the airport/train station.

Please note: You will only have full insurance coverage, if you have paid for the services (e.g. flight or train tickets) with a valid AirPlus Company Account &/or Corporate Card. The exact insurance benefits and legally valid terms and conditions are exclusively set forth in the insurance confirmation sent with your card.

Your insurance is activated simply by paying for your travel services with the AirPlus Corporate Card.

The insurance coverage of the travel accident insurance applies to the personal holder of the AirPlus Corporate Card.

The insurance coverage also applies to the direct route to and from the airport or train station, as soon as you pay the flight or train trip with an AirPlus Corporate Card – regardless of the means of transportation you use, even if you use your private car or a street car.

Yes, as soon as your company has given you a car for permanent use, the insurance coverage also extends to this car if you use it for business purposes. The possession of the AirPlus Corporate Card is sufficient. In this context, it is important that the company car has been given for use exclusively to you as an employee.

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