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Excellent benefits for you and your corporate clients

Working with the AirPlus Company Account provides you with many opportunities to improve customer loyalty and relations

Offer your customers an attractive suite of products including robust data, customizable invoicing and flexible analysis tools.

Compelling benefits for your customers:

  • Safe, central payment method for all travel expenses

  • Reduction of direct and indirect travel costs by 30%

  • Transparency of costs with comprehensive and detailed invoicing

  • Innovative Management Information Systems (MIS) for all travel expenses

Further arguments for you:

  • Improved cash flow

  • Decreased credit risk

  • Reduced manual accounting

  • Decrease in bank fees and administrative handling

  • Reduced data entry time

  • Faster allocation of invoice data

  • All relevant data at a glance

One time agreement, longtime profit

With the AirPlus Merchant Agreement you can offer your customers better service. Invoice rail and consolidator tickets, as well as other travel related services through the AirPlus Company Account.

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Detailed information for travel agencies

Download everything that’s important for you to know about the benefits of AirPlus:

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