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How can cost analysis help uncover avoidable expenses?

Effective Travel Management begins with the evaluation of transaction data.

Data is the basis for negotiations with vendors and targeted cost cutting. To help you draw the right conclusions, we provide you with high-quality data and world-class analysis tools.

Clearly formatted, simple to use

With the AirPlus Information Manager you can monitor who incurred costs, when and where. Our intelligent functions include:

  • Graphics and figures with one click

  • User-friendly and intuitive fuctionality

  • Standard reports and the option to define individual reports

  • Integration of your company specific supplementary data

  • Simple data export

  • Our online Business Travel Portal is available around the clock

Learn how you can control your company’s travel expenses and make the right decisions utilizing your own travel data: Start the Information Tour here

An Investment That Pays Off

The AirPlus Information Manager is a professional tool we offer our customers for analyzing their travel costs. Its extensive database and effective analysis options are the basis you need to negotiate favorable rates with travel service providers and help reduce costs. The price of the AirPlus Information Manager varies depending on use, but its value quickly becomes apparent to anyone who utilizes it to help save their company money.

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Screenshot AirPlus Information Manager

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AirPlus Information Manager

The Business Travel Portal

Visit our Business Travel Portal online now to see the services we offer.

Detailed information about the analysis of your travel data

Download important information about AirPlus Information Manager:

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