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Everything on one invoice

A central bill account provides an overview of your valuable travel information.

One of the biggest advantages of our central bill account is the transparent collective invoice. A single invoice summarizing all of your travel expenses is available to you anytime at the AirPlus Portal.

Reliable data, optimized processes

We provide you with all the relevant information about your employees’ business travel expenses. Our descriptive billing data will help you measure your travel policy against best practice. It will also provide you with valuable details for price negotiations with your vendors, including airlines and hotels. This offers considerable savings opportunities for large, as well as small and mid-sized, companies.

Simple management, transparent costs

Your airline and train tickets can easily be invoiced through your AirPlus Company Account.

Your benefits include:

  • Distinct transparency of costs

  • Inclusion of in-house supplementary data (cost centers, employee numbers, department, etc.)

  • No separate invoice from travel agency

  • Single standardized electronic invoice with all the important travel information

  • An online summary of all transactions, with the original statement, via the AirPlus Business Travel Portal

  • Extensive insurance coverage for business trips

The AirPlus Company account is based upon the UATP payment platform and enables companies to centrally lodge travel payment activities with their preferred travel agencies.



US Invoice Sample

Sample: Account Statement

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AirPlus Company Account

Detailed information about our central bill account

Download everything that’s important for you to know about the AirPlus Company Account:

Lessen travel costs for small to mid-sized businesses

All the information about our special services for small to mid-sized businesses

Airline Acceptance list

Find out which airlines accept the AirPlus Company Account as a form of payment

The Business Travel Portal

Find out which online services are available for you on our Business Travel Portal

Questions about our central bill account?

You can reach us at:

+1 (703) 373-0940

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