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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility at AirPlus

Meeting employee needs with individual models and support options.

  • Training and Continuing Education: AirPlus offers many options for Training and Education like apprenticeships, internships, post-graduate MBAs, the AirPlus Academy, a Go International employee program, our GROW team and the AirPlus Xchange.

  • Flexible Work Models: AirPlus also offers varying flexible work models like sabbaticals, flexible work time or “Leadership is shared” which relates to changes in the employee's personal and work environments.

  • Family Friendly Workplace: Work / Life balance is an important element at AirPlus. We are supportive for parenting with regards to childcare, and have a contact maintenance program and a Girls´ and Boys´ (at work) Day.

  • Promotion of Diversity and Acceptance: AirPlus is more global than ever! Our business and our team is increasing in internationalization. While our HQ is in Germany, over half our business volume comes from outside Germany and one-fourth of our staff is international and spread throughout the world.

  • Cooperative Employment Policy: We believe that offering diverse options in the worldplace, we are able to create a motivating environment for our employees.

  • Employee Benefits: To form greater loyalty and happiness with their employment, AirPlus collectively adds important and relevant benefits for employees.

  • Healthy Workplace: AirPlus places great value on the health and well-being of its employees. We begin this with a health week, and concinue with workplace ergonomics, first-aid onsite and fitness programs.

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AirPlus Corporate Social Responsibility

Read more about our Social Responsibility and other CSR-related topics at AirPlus in the CSR brochure 2013.