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The centralised payment solution for your travel payments

Do you find that all of your time is taken up navigating your way through complex expense management processes? Trying to consolidate a multitude of invoices from numerous suppliers is not the best use of your time.

The AirPlus Company Account takes the hassle out of invoice processing by centrally consolidating all of your business travel payments onto a single account and detailing enhanced data on a single invoice. This means your time is free to spend on the more enjoyable parts of business travel management.

How it works.
The account centralises all of your company’s pre-trip expenses and produces one, comprehensive invoice that also includes all of the relevant data that you need. This streamlines processes, increases transparency and enables accurate reporting.

With the AirPlus Company Account you benefit from:

  • Total visibility and control – We place all booking and transaction information at your fingertips, for easy reconciliation and policy compliance peace of mind

  • Improve supplier negotiations – Using the best data available will allow you to have more meaningful conversations with your travel suppliers, achieving greater savings

  • Tailored solutions – Our team of experts in sales and implementation will ensure you wind up with an end-to-end programme perfectly suited to your company’s processes and seamlessly integrated with your existing financial systems

  • Widespread acceptance – Offered on the UATP network with extended acceptance using MasterCard and our A.I.D.A. product we ensure that no matter what merchant category you book, the AirPlus Company Account will see you through

Together with the AirPlus Corporate Cards for on-the-road business travel expenses, the AirPlus Company Account provides a complete payment solution, powered by innovation and superior customer service.

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AirPlus Company Account

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