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FAQs about our travel agency services

AirPlus is a subsidiary of Lufthansa. As a provider of business travel payment based on UATP platform, AirPlus settles flight tickets from more than 250 airlines including many low cost carriers and is the preferred partner of not only Lufthansa, but also Continental Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air China, Swiss, Austrian Airlines, TAP Portugal and Luxair.

The AirPlus Company Account is a centrally settled account, also known as a lodge account, used by companies to centrally pay and settle their business related purchases e.g. flights, rail, car rental and hotels booked via their travel management company.

UATP is the low cost payment network privately owned by the world's airlines.

Over 250 airlines and thousands of travel agencies accept UATP as a low-cost form of payment for air travel, service fees, management fees and net fares.

Either you contact your local AirPlus Account Manager who, depending on the size, will be happy to meet you your client either with you or alone, or our local AirPlus office will be happy to send you the forms for you to pass on.

Generally, a client needs to be spending at least £30,000 annually to make it worth while opening an account.

Yes, this is possible, but usually a company has one account per entity. Costs within a company can be easily identified and allocated by using the available flexible reference fields such as cost centre and department.

Basically any pre-booked business travel expenses can be centrally billed to the account.

For non-air transactions and where no direct UATP acceptance is in place and AIDA is not used, a Merchant Agreement needs to be set-up with the TMC. The TMC will then act as the merchant for these transactions.

A.I.D.A. stands for AirPlus Integrated Data and Acceptance. It is a unique product feature which enables clients to use the AirPlus Company Account to pay for virtually all travel services where a credit card is required (i.e. low cost carrier, hotels, rail, etc..). A.I.D.A. works by generating a unique, virtual MasterCard number online for each booking wherever MasterCard is an accepted form of payment.

AirPlus pays the TMC according to the agreed payment frequency as per the Merchant Agreement.

Please call the local AirPlus office to ascertain why the account is not being accepted. If you are calling outside of regular office hours, please call an authorisation hotline on 020 8995 6732.

DBI refers to flexible supplementary data fields, e.g. cost centre or employee ID number, which are captured at the time of booking and give clients better transparency and control. AirPlus can offer up to 9 DBI fields.

DBIs that are captured automatically at the time of booking via the customer profiles are sent to AirPlus from the agency back-office in a hand-off file (Tamara) which is normally sent daily.

No physical card is issued. Following an initial email informing the agency that the new number is now available, the client and the designated TMC is sent a letter with the account number and validity date as well as confirmation on the agreed DBI fields.

With new accounts, the required DBIs need to be indicated on the application form. The AirPlus DBI fields are pre-named and therefore, the renaming of any of these fields needs to be limited to larger clients and also agreed with your Account Manager. Clients using our free of charge FlexEbill tool can very easily change any of these fields for their electronic invoicing. We need to know how many digits are needed (maximum 17 digits) and if they are mandatory. If any of these fields need to be changed or cancelled, the client or agent should contact their Account Manager or Customer Service Team.

AirPlus Electronic Billing is the delivery of AirPlus invoice data in various electronic formats for seamless integration and processing into finance and ERPs systems (e.g. SAP or Oracle).

FlexEbill is a tool that allows the client to individualise their formatted electronic invoice data. It seamlessly integrates the client's billing information with their financial systems, giving them an overview of all business travel expenses at any time.

The AirPlus Corporate Cards issued in the UK are based on the MasterCard platform and can be used for all on-the-road business expenses. The AirPlus Corporate Cards are accepted by more than 27 million MasterCard merchants in over 240 countris worldwide.

Please contact your AirPlus Account Manager who will then assist. The company needs to sign a framework agreement after deciding what payment and liability options they require. Once this is in place, the travellers are invited to apply via their designated Programme Administrator.

The cardholders should call the local AirPlus Corporate Card Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 208 747 2570. Programme Administrators should call AirPlus Customer Service on +44 (0) 208 994 4725.

It means the consolidation of all data from AirPlus Company Accounts and AirPlus Corporate Cards, both nationally and internationally for the entire company/organisation regardless of the TMC used. Additionally, it is also possible to include data from non-AirPlus corporate cards.

The AirPlus Information Manager is our online state-of-the-art MIS tool for the evaluation, control and analysis of a company’s travel spend on a local and global basis.

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