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Questions for recent graduates and students

AirPlus offers the opportunity for internships that accompany studies or a job. Whether Marketing, Finance or Human Resources – the possibilities are manifold. Take a look at our current offers!

No, we don’t have deadlines. Sometimes receiving an internship can happen very quickly, other times it takes longer until we can offer you the internship you desire. Take a look at our offers.

A complete application portfolio includes:

- Cover letter (1 page)
- Resume (max. 2 pages)
- School records
- Other records or references (apprenticeship and work or internship references, intermediate university results), other documents of previous employment and education

Your contact person is Sabrina Stopfkuchen. Please send an email at with “diploma thesis” resp. “internship” and at with “training” in the subject line.

For further questions contact our recruiting team ( or

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