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With A.I.D.A., AirPlus Integrated Data and Acceptance, clients can generate virtual credit card numbers for their AirPlus Company Account. This allows them to make purchases online from merchants who do not accept the AirPlus Company Account as a form of payment, but do accept MasterCard. Currently, AirPlus offers the A.I.D.A functionality in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

Account number

A unique number assigned to a customer by a financial institution. In the case of a credit card, the number is stamped and encrypted on the plastic card.

AirPlus Company Account

The AirPlus Company Account is a Lodged Card, which allows your company to centrally invoice travel costs. With the AirPlus Company Account, you cannot only invoice plane, but also train tickets, rental cars and hotel reservations. If your travel agent is an AirPlus merchant, you can invoice all of the services offered by a travel agency through the Company Account.

AirPlus Corporate Card

AirPlus Corporate Cards are corporate credit cards for business travellers to invoice travel services that are incurred on the road (hotel, restaurant, telephone, taxi, etc.). The company's corporate cards are available only in conjunction with a framework agreement (AirPlus Company Account).

AirPlus Electronic Billing

With AirPlus Electronic Billing, invoice data is sent by electronic means instead of by post. The numbers and data from your electronic bill can be adapted and conveniently processed. In this way, processing of your travel costs is considerably accelerated. The many data formats supported by AirPlus are guaranteed to be compatible with your accounting systems.

AirPlus Expense Overview

AirPlus Expense Overview is an application that will help you evaluate your travel costs. Its features are tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

AirPlus FlexEbill

FlexEbill is an electronic data format with which we provide online invoices. FlexEbill is a CSV data record that you can define. So you have the possibility of designing your electronic bill entirely individually. You can select any field of information, in order to organise and merge various settings, delete existing fields, add new fields, change the order of and combine several fields in a column, etc.

AirPlus Information Manager

The AirPlus Information Manager is a comprehensive online analytical tool that can help specifically to analyse your business travel costs. Due to its intelligent functions, the AirPlus Information Manager is particularly user-friendly as an online solution and is available at any time via our Business Travel Portal.

AirPlus Invoice Control

AirPlus Invoice Control is an application that is based on Microsoft Excel and with which you can quickly and easily adapt electronic invoice data to your needs. It enables the creation of subtotals, an automatic comparison with delivery note data and additional processing of data. Of course, you can also easily export the revised data into downstream systems.

AirPlus Meeting Solution

The AirPlus Meeting Solution allows you to centrally invoice all travel costs as well as all events for your company – whether you work with a booking platform, an agency, your travel agent or directly with the hotel.

AirPlus Merchant Agreement

With the AirPlus Merchant Agreement, travel agencies cannot only invoice train and flight tickets, but also other travel services on the AirPlus Company Account.

Approval code

Approval code for a credit card transaction from the credit card company for the requested amount. The limit of the credit card will be immediately reduced. The debit occurs only when the transaction is submitted.


Get your daily transaction data (i.e. before billing), so it can be fed as quickly as possible into employees’ travel invoices.

Authorisation (only with)

“Only with authorisation” – a planned transaction which is announced in advance and exceeds the available credit card limit. The payment may vary according to card type and authorisation may take from three to five days to be cleared.

Authorisation code

A code that a dispensing credit card company or an authorised processing company provides to identify the approval or rejection of an authorisation request.

Authorisation date

Date and time at which the transaction was authorised.

Authorised amount

Authorised amount of money.

Authorised transaction

Transaction that has been approved.

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