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Features of the AirPlus Information Manager

Flexible and easy-to-use reports

The AirPlus Information Manager is easy to use with an intuitive and clear interface. More than 40 pre-configured reports are available, giving you key assessments of your company’s business travel services and expenses. For further customisation, MyReports enables you to tailor your analysis to suit your individual reporting needs.

Unique data that leads to cost savings

Unlike typical payment providers whose products are based on a card network, the AirPlus Company Account is based on the UATP platform. This provides you with pro-rated flight data which helps you identify the actual cost of each flight leg with the respective airline, helping you monitor your airline deals. You can also preview tickets that have been cancelled or exchanged to keep up to date with your current travel expenditure.

Data consolidation

With the AirPlus Information Manager you can evaluate global data from all AirPlus Company Accounts (lodge cards), AirPlus Corporate Card data, and data from third-party provider or card companies. It is your analysis hub for all of your business travel spend.

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AirPlus Information Manager

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