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Award winning Company Account features

A.I.D.A. Virtual Payment

Our super secure and widely accepted virtual payment solution fits in seamlessly with our Company Account programme. Offering you a simple to use system that gives you exeptional levels of travel data.

To discover more about A.I.D.A. Virtual Payment click here.


Comprehensive policies apply to every type of accommodation and transport (including air, rail, ship and car rental) paid for with the AirPlus Company Account.

Optional additional insurance cover includes 24/7 accident cover, upgrade cover for death/disability allowance, and travel inconvenience insurance.

Tailored invoices

With the AirPlus Company Account you have the option to customise your invoices both on paper and electronically. We offer 2,500 invoicing layout options which can be tailored to your company’s specific needs, including numerous sorting criteria and sub-totalling options. The unique data fields are captured at the time of booking and electronically uploaded into your accounting system – thereby saving you valuable time.

We know that everyone's needs are different. Which is why your dedicated Account Manager will help set up your invoice to fit seamlessly with your expense management and accounting tools.

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AirPlus Company Account

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