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AirPlus releases its 2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

London, 03/03/2009

AirPlus increases focus and commitment to social and environmental projects globally

AirPlus International, the award-winning business travel payment provider, releases its first Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

While many of the outlined activities have been an integral part of the company culture for years, the CSR Report highlights an increased focus to the global efforts overall, including joining the UN Global Compact – a global network which protects human rights, standards of employment and the environment. Download your copy of the document at

The detailed CSR Report provides an overview of the company’s internal and external activities as a corporation that promotes diversity, growth and sustainability. Recycling, offsetting carbon emissions, waste management, green IT, quality assurance and working with like-minded partners all play an integral role in the overall AirPlus’ business strategy.

AirPlus has over 800 employees across 37 countries, reflecting on increasing globalisation, with one-third of the management positions being filled by women. By placing great value on education and well-being of its employees, AirPlus has created a healthy and stimulating working environment which in turn projects greater productivity and employee motivation. Another significant step towards improving both working conditions of its employees and protecting the environment is AirPlus’ implementation of hydroelectricity, which has been generating power for the company’s headquarters in Neu-Isenburg, Germany since January 2009.

“As a leading global provider of business travel payment solutions, we help over 32,000 companies worldwide gain control of their travel costs, recognising that this is the number one priority for many companies in 2009. However, being a corporate leader means embracing the responsibility of a good corporate citizen and responding to both internal practices and our clients’ business activities that directly impact on the communities and the environment. As a corporate leader, we are more than ever committed to investing in our employees and environmentally and socially sustainable business practices and products” stated Yael Klein, Managing Director AirPlus International Ltd.

AirPlus has pioneered a solution within the travel payment industry, offering a product feature which allows its customers to pay for their carbon offset through a central account. The AirPlus’ carbon offset feature has won the Business Travel Show Innovation Award in both London (2008) and Germany (2007) and continues to empower companies to increase their sustainability and live up to their own corporate social responsibility.

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