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AirPlus’ new innovation facilitates transparent CO2 emissions reporting

London, 29/03/2010

AirPlus, an award winning travel payment provider, has introduced the AirPlus Green Reports - an innovative MIS solution that helps companies reach their carbon (CO2) emissions reduction targets. The industry-first solution provides companies with transparent reports on their CO2 emissions, thereby seamlessly integrating climate-protection into their travel expense management processes.

The CO2 emissions are automatically calculated for every flight ticket settled through AirPlus, using an emission calculator specially developed by a certified non-profit climate-protection organisation, atmosfair. This data is then fed into the new AirPlus Green Reports available in the AirPlus Information Manager (online reporting tool). The reports enable users to drill down to emission values for individual projects and allocate the emissions to the respective departments or costcentres. In addition, companies are able to use the data to analyse which routes cause the highest CO2 emissions and determine the average emission values per flight ticket.

Based on this information, companies can choose to make a voluntary donation to a climate-protection organisation or invest in their own climate-protection projects. The emission balances can subsequently be incorporated in the companies’ sustainability reports, enabling them to live up to their Social Corporate Responsibility.

The latest AirPlus survey of travel managers in 20 markets across the globe documents that today almost one out of every five companies compensates its CO2 emissions caused by air travel, through voluntary donations to climate-protection projects. A total of 22 per cent of the companies surveyed have already integrated climate-neutral travelling in their travel policies, while 16 per cent plan to adjust their travel policies within the next year to include climate protection practices.

“We are pleased to see clear signs of increasing sensitivity toward climate-protection issues in the corporate world and are aware of the continuing impact of air travel on our environment,” said Patrick W. Diemer, CEO, AirPlus International. “It is for this reason that we continue to develop green solutions for travel managers, so that they can seamlessly integrate their climate protection practices into their existing expense management processes without spending extra time and effort”, added Diemer.

As companies increase their commitment towards climate-neutral travel, AirPlus continues to pioneer innovative green solutions in the travel payment industry. The AirPlus Green Reports is yet another AirPlus initiative that has positioned the travel payment provider as an industry leader in the field of climate protection. In 2007 AirPlus introduced an industry first automatic carbon offset feature through the AirPlus Company Account, which received the Business Travel Show Innovation Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility Category in 2008.

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