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AirPlus launches the UK Edition of the Fifth Annual AirPlus International Travel Management Study

London, 10/02/2010

AirPlus International, the award-winning business travel payment provider, launches its UK edition of the fifth annual AirPlus International Travel Management Study – a comprehensive survey analysis of 1,500 travel managers from 15 countries around the globe.

“The AirPlus International Travel Management Study is an important annual industry benchmark that sheds light on the impact of the current economic conditions on business travel management”, said Yael Klein, Managing Director, AirPlus International Limited. “Our strength has always been in helping travel managers use their data to realise cost-savings in their travel. With the AirPlus International Travel Management Study, we hope to assist travel managers in realising the current market opportunities, so that they can better plan and review their strategies for the year ahead”.

The AirPlus Travel Management Study reveals some interesting findings that highlight not only expected decline in business travel, but also growth during the economically turbulent times. Surprisingly, 51 per cent of the total travel managers surveyed revealed that the recession did not play a negative role in their travel volume. Furthermore, 4 per cent of the companies surveyed stated they experienced growth. This global trend is also evident in the UK, with 49 per cent of British companies reporting no change to their travel volume and a further 10 per cent stating they experienced growth during the recession.

“It’s pleasing to see that many companies started using more professional tools and processes”, stayed Klein and added: “By focusing their efforts on a more comprehensive use of travel policies, negotiated agreements and analytical tools, the travel managers have demonstrated a more tactical approach to optimising their business travel budgets”. According to the UK travel managers surveyed, this trend is likely to continue, with 65 per cent of the companies predicting that tougher policies will govern their travel booking behaviour in 2010.

On the green issues, British companies are becoming more environmentally conscious by switching to either electronic or combined electronic and paper invoicing rather than paper-only. However, the respondents expressed mixed feelings about climate protection playing a more important role in their travel policies in the near future. With cost savings continuing to be the number one priority of UK companies, climate protection has taken a further step back. Only 6 per cent of the UK companies surveyed reported that they strengthened their focus on climate protection during the recession.

The AirPlus International Travel Management Study reveals that the majority of the UK companies valued travel management, with 82 per cent of respondents backing this statement. With travel management being recognised as a vital area of business, the roles of other departments are brought into focus. As fewer travel managers complain about the lack of time preventing them from carrying out travel management duties in comparison to the previous year, 70 per cent of respondents back the claim that the role of procurement and finance will continue to increase in the area of business travel management.

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