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AirPlus Gains Seal of Approval to Provide Payment Solutions to the UK Public Sector

London, 23/07/2009

AirPlus International - the award-winning global business travel payment provider proudly announces that it will enter into a Framework Agreement with Buying Solutions, the national procurement partner for UK public services. The four year Framework Agreement which commences on 1 February 2010, validates AirPlus’ capability and superior product offering to all public sector organisations in the UK.

Buying Solutions’ decision endorses AirPlus’ leading position in the market as a payment provider whose unique product offering meets the procurement requirements of the UK public sector. Officially tagged as a preferred provider of T&E cards by Buying Solutions, means that over 44,000 public bodies in the UK will be able to use AirPlus’ products and services to optimise their business travel management.

To meet the diverse requirements of the UK public sector where ‘one size does not fit all’, AirPlus draws on a wealth of experience in providing payment solutions to government bodies across Europe; including the European Parliament, German and Swiss Governments, Glasgow City Council and the University of Nottingham. Under the new framework announced by Buying Solutions, AirPlus will be in a strong position to expand its public sector client portfolio in the UK by offering its highly acclaimed lodge card product for pre-trip expenses and corporate cards for on-the-road business expenses. Together with its renowned online administration and reporting tools, AirPlus offers public sector organisations an integrated business travel payment solution that will improve the efficiency of their travel expense management and deliver greater cost savings through enhanced data transparency.

“Buying Solutions’ Framework Agreement is a testament to our commitment to innovation and value-added services that position us in a different league to our competitors. This comes at a crucial point in time when procurement processes are being scrutinised, and travel policy compliance and supplier negotiations are being re-examined to save costs wherever possible” said Yael Klein, Managing Director of AirPlus International.

“AirPlus’ total payment solution will help companies in the public sector gain more control over their T & E spend through streamlined processes and unique travel data analysis and reporting” said Klein and added: “Very few companies have the ability to realise customers’ full savings potential. We pride ourselves on this strength and we look forward to introducing flexible and measurable solutions, which will be instrumental in increasing the accountability, efficiency and security for our clients in the UK public sector”.

For further information please contact:
Ivana Popovic
Phone +44 (0) 20 8994 4725
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