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TomTom in car

“We are implementing AirPlus’ payment solutions in more countries around the globe in order to obtain the highest level of data possible on travel spend.”

TomTom, innovator on the move

AirPlus meets with Marga Plukker, responsible for TomTom global travel management since 2009. The choice for AirPlus as the travel payment provider has helped TomTom to handle travel spend on a global scale. Marga tells us of her experience working with AirPlus.

TomTom created the easy-to-use navigation device, one of the most influential inventions of all time. Since then,we have grown from a start-up, into a global technology company. Our software and navigation technologies power over hundreds of millions of applications across the globe.This includes industry-leading location-based products and mapmaking technologies, embedded automotive navigation solutions; innovative personal navigation devices and apps, and advanced telematics fleet management and connected car services. We continue to shape the future, leading the way with autonomous driving, smart mobility and smarter cities.

TomTom empowers movement. Every day millions of people around the world depend on TomTom to make smarter decisions. TomTom designs and develops innovative products that make it easy for people to keep moving towards their goals. Best known for being a global leader in navigation and mapping products, TomTom also creates state-of-the-art fleet management solutions and industry leading location-based products. TomTom consists of four customer-facing business units: Consumer, Automotive, Licensing and Telematics.

With more than 40.000 travel transactions it is very important for TomTom to have a clear overview on the exact travel spend. This, along with the unburdening of its travelers, is of the utmost importance for TomTom.To ensure this all is accounted for within their travel policy, Marga says to maintain a travel policy, fully aligned with the mindset of the company. “We like to keep everything transparent and do not want to allow one person one thing and deny another person the same thing. Our employees know exactly what is expected from them and what they can expect from us in return.”

As a company TomTom is in the business of selling innovative products and solutions and needs its suppliers to have the same mind set. In November 2008, instead of providing its travelers with a plastic corporate card, TomTom started using the innovative virtual payment solution AirPlus provides for hotels, called AirPlus A.I.D.A.Virtual Cards. Looking at when TomTom first started generating virtual credit cards for its travelers, TomTom can be considered one of the pioneers in anti-plastic business travel payment.

Furthermore, TomTom also has an AirPlus Company Account in place. “The AirPlus Company Account provides us with statements that accurately show our business travel spend, including travel agent fees and certain taxes. Plus it’s easy to provide company specific references and obtain a clear view on payments.” Marga adds: “The most important asset of working with AirPlus is the fact that thanks to the travel payment solutions they offer, we take a large burden away from our travelers. They don’t have to process cumbersome and time-consuming travel expenses themselves.”

TomTom has deployed the AirPlus payment solutions in countries around the world, including EMEA, the USAand various APAC countries to be able to benefit from the transparency and clear overview in their business travel spend.

“We are implementing AirPlus’ payment solutions in more countries around the globe in order to obtain the highest level of data possible on travel spend, not only in certain markets, but on a global level as well.”

Since TomTom started working with AirPlus, some tenyears ago, they are still content and working on developing the payment solutions on a global scale. The mentality of always wanting to improve and develop is what makes both companies stand out from their competitors and remain innovative players in their different industries.

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