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Entrance offices Meyn Food Processing Technology

Meyn Food Processing Technology
“We pretty much use all the products AirPlus has to offer, from the AirPlus Company Account to the AirPlus A.I.D.A. Virtual Cards.”

The processing of travel expenses is fast, digital and clear

We visit Raymond Maas, Travel Manager at Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V., in North-Holland Oostzaan. In their modern office building on the edge of the Amsterdam ring road North, Raymond Maas has been responsible for all corporate travel activities for the last six years.

Where should we know Meyn Food Processing Technology from?
Meyn is a global supplier of systems for the poultry processing industry. Due to our strong innovation-oriented company culture, Meyn has become one of the leading companies in the industry. We sell our systems in more than 100 countries and are known for our high-quality products and advanced technologies. Our head office and production setup is established here in Oostzaan. We also have a substantial establishment in Atlanta. Furthermore, we have a factory in Gdansk and sales offices in Moscow, Peking, Manila,Bangkok, Mexico, Sao Paolo, Barcelona, Nantes and Brno.

We are curious about the systems you supply.
Provided that poultry is one of the world‘s main foods, you need to think of systems that are able to prepare large numbers of poultry for consumption in the most humane, fast and efficient method possible.

Considering the industry you are in, travel formsan important part of the activities.
That’s true. There are colleagues travelling every day, especially the sales department and maintenance technicians, but also our people in R & D travel quite frequently. Then you quickly talk about a group of 300 colleagues travelling about 14,000 days a year. For example, last year, we booked flight tickets. Meyn attaches a lot of importance to an approach that is as personal as possible, both in the initial phase of a project, but also in paying a lot of attention to the relationship with our customers in‚ after sales services and maintenance.

Does Meyn have a specific directive related to travel?
On the whole our policy, involving air travel, boils down to selecting the fastest route and booking economy class.For long haul trips, we book in premium economy, if possible. Sometimes it is more economical to book a flight with one or more stopovers, however the longer travel time and the time our people then have to waste, means it is not an option for us. The welfare of our employees is very important and is taken into account when making bookings.

Now, regarding the cooperation with AirPlus, how long have you been working with them?
The cooperation between Meyn and AirPlus started in 2006. We pretty much use all the products AirPlus has to offer, from the AirPlus Company Account to the AirPlus A.I.D.A. Virtual Cards. We also use the AirPlus Information Manager. I see no reason not to continue this cooperation. In fact it is quite the opposite. We have 180 AirPlus Corporate Cards that are used frequently. I found that I use the AirPlus Information Manager several times a month to keep an eye on the progress of developments. It is an excellent analysis instrument, I may add. It is a tool that gives a quick insight into the travel costs per person, department, project and project destination.

What is the largest change broughtabout by the AirPlus cooperation?
The main advantages are speed and transparency, as well as efficiency. The processing of travel expenses is fast, digital and clear. There are many selection options.Sometimes I become a little lost in all this information, but then I call my AirPlus account manager Martijn Peters, who can always clarify things. However, luckily, that doesn’t happen every day! In addition, working with AirPlus offers a number of services that make (travel-)life a lot more easier.Their AirPlus A.I.D.A. Virtual Cards, which allows easy generation of virtual MasterCard numbers, increases the payment options via the central account. This is very convenient with last minute bookings of flights, rental cars, hotels and even train travel.

We have no further questions.Is there anything you would like to add?
I’d like to say that my experience of our cooperation with AirPlus has been very pleasant. I think this deserves a clear mention.Their service level is really exceptional, they react quickly and fittingly to questions, and the dedicated Customer Service deserves praise. My compliments!

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