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Flexible AirPlus billing format saves time and money

Neu-Isenburg, 15-2-2007

With FlexEbill companies can prepare electronic billing data to their individual needs

AirPlus, the leading international provider of business travel payment solutions is setting a new standard of service for the preparation of billing information: now, for the first time, companies can adapt the billing information supplied to them in electronic format by AirPlus to their respective requirements in a totally flexible way - an innovation in travel management. Using FlexEbill, the new flexible CSV-format from AirPlus, the accounting department can individually determine how the delivered CSV data record should be formatted. Instead of a standard format which would have to be re-converted for every invoice the accounting department will always receive the AirPlus invoice data in the desired format and can directly integrate it into its accounting system. This makes the whole billing process a lot easier and therefore reduces internal costs.

FlexEbill can be configured to the specific needs of a company via the AirPlus business travel portal at https://www.airplus.com. This allows the company to select, arrange and combine any field information. It is easy to delete, add to or change existing fields in the sequence. The selected format of the bill can be changed at any time. Another advantage is that no internal interfaces have to be changed, thus avoiding the normal costs of adapting financial and administrative (ERP) systems.

Electronic billing offers a range of benefits for companies: electronic billing information not only simplifies the cost-intensive paper-based work procedures, but also reduces the error rate by automatically scanning in the data. This significantly reduces the amount of work involved and speed up the work procedures. A recent study by Ipsos Loyalty 2006 commissioned by AirPlus, which carried out a travel management survey of over 1000 travel managers in nine European countries and the USA, demonstrated the importance of electronic billing in travel management. The survey showed that on average 48 per cent of companies have now switched all or at least some of their billing procedures to electronic billing. Every third company surveyed said that it intended to switch to full electronic billing in the future.


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