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Call us!

If you have any questions or need more information, please call the AirPlus Service Teams.
Hotline for companies:
06102 204-444
Hotline for cardholders:
+49 (0)851 2136-9250
If you have lost your AirPlus card, please cancel it immediatlely.Central emergency hotline:
+49 116 116

Contact us by mail

For our corporate and prospective customers:
You can reach the AirPlus Service team using our contact form.
Our mailing address for companiess:
Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH, 63258 Neu-Isenburg, Germany
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For our cardholders:
Please use our contact form to contact the AirPlus card service.
Our mailing address for cardholders:
AirPlus Corporate Card Service, Postfach 1309, 94003 Passau, Germany
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Data capture for travel agencies:

Capture and settle costs quickly and easily.


Travel agency managers: Reduce your workload and personal risk

Whether booking airlines, car rentals or train reservations – play a leading role in bringing better invoice quality to your customers.

Data capture for existing bookings

You can capture AirPlus supplementary data for existing bookings. You just need the card and reservation number. Through the additional data mask (DBI mask) in the CRS, you can capture all additional data such as cost centers and staff IDs. The additional data will be forwarded from the CRS to AirPlus automatically. Using the AirPlus Merchant Agreement you can also capture all non-BSP data (i.e. transaction fees), enter them in the START CC Process and pass them on to AirPlus. All customer data are then compiled and separately stated on the AirPlus Company Account invoice. Please click here to open the data capture form.

Automatic data capture: TAMARA

TAMARA is a data interface and stands for Ticket and Merchant Agreement Record for Agencies. Via the AirPlus format TAMARA, as a travel agency you can also transmit additional data to us for all transactions of your client’s AirPlus Company Account. In addition, you can separately itemize and account for all of your own travel agency services (such as transaction fees) or additional information (DBI). Your advantage: With TAMARA you can capture detailed information on the actual costs for your customers. Please click here to download the TAMARA Viewer.

Good. Affordable: PaySoft

PaySoft is an intelligent expense settlement system developed specially for AirPlus merchants. This affordable software solution does not require any hardware and allows TMCs and other agencies processing small to medium-sized transaction volumes to capture non-BSP transactions for their AirPlus corporate customers quickly and easily. PaySoft can be configured to meet your individual needs. In addition, it supports multiple users and can be integrated into diverse systems so you can continue using your current user interfaces. Also, PaySoft complies with the latest data protection requirements (PCI/DSS). Please click here to download the PaySoft manual.


Read more about our solutions for your travel cost management:

AirPlus is a member of the UATP | AirPlus Corporate Cards are MasterCards
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