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If you have any questions or need more information, please call the AirPlus Service Teams.

Hotline for Corporates:
06102 204-444

Hotline for Cardholders of AirPlus Corporate Cards:
+49 (0) 69 790001 00
Hotline for Cardholders of AirPlus Private Cards:
+49 (0) 69 790001 10

If you have lost your credit card, please have it blocked immediately. Central emergency hotline:
116 116

Contact us by mail

For our corporate and prospective customers:
You can reach the AirPlus service team using our contact form.
Our mailing address for companies:
Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH, 63258 Neu-Isenburg, Germany

For our cardholders:
Please use our contact form to contact the AirPlus card service.
Our mailing address for cardholders:
AirPlus Corporate Card Service, Postfach 1309, 94003 Passau, Germany
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No matter what your job is,
our job is to simplify your travel cost management

Purchasers: negotiate smarter, make better deals

As the head of Purchasing, you must ensure that procurements for your company are as cost-effective as possible. Thus, it is only logical that you try to reduce major costs such as business travel.

Everything under control

How much was paid for which service and when? All expenses on one invoice: Our central collective invoices give you a complete overview of, and help you manage, all travel expenses.

A solid foundation

Would you like to negotiate with suppliers or optimize your purchasing strategy? Our analysis tools yield reliable data which you can use as the basis for successful negotiations and save up to 25 percent in travel and processing costs.

Ready to use

We integrate our Plug&Play solution quickly and easily into your existing accounting and settlement systems. In other words, you are ready to go in no time.

Comprehensive coverage for an unbeatable price

You no longer need to worry about special insurance for your traveling staff members. All travel services booked through AirPlus come with a comprehensive package of insurance services that cannot be negotiated individually, so your staff members are optimally covered on all their business trips.

Learn more about our solutions for your travel cost management:

AirPlus is a member of the UATP | AirPlus Corporate Cards are MasterCards
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