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If you have any questions or need more information, please call the AirPlus Service Teams.

Hotline for Corporates:
06102 204-444

Hotline for Cardholders of AirPlus Corporate Cards:
+49 (0) 69 790001 00
Hotline for Cardholders of AirPlus Private Cards:
+49 (0) 69 790001 10

If you have lost your credit card, please have it blocked immediately. Central emergency hotline:
116 116

Contact us by mail

For our corporate and prospective customers:
You can reach the AirPlus service team using our contact form.
Our mailing address for companies:
Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH, 63258 Neu-Isenburg, Germany

For our cardholders:
Please use our contact form to contact the AirPlus card service.
Our mailing address for cardholders:
AirPlus Corporate Card Service, Postfach 1309, 94003 Passau, Germany
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Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

Extrajudicial resolution of disputes

§§ 60-62 of the ZAG and § 14 of the UKlaG stipulate that the Arbitration Panel of Deutsche Bundesbank, Taunusanlage 5 in 60329 Frankfurt am Main, Germany ( can be appealed to in the event disputes arise from the application of the provisions of the BGB regarding the distance-selling of contracts for financial services or of Articles 675c through 676c BGB or of Article 248 of the EGBGB or of the EU Regulations referred to in § 14 sec.1 no. 3 UKlaG.

BGB means Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (Civil Code of Germany).

EGBGB means Einführungsgesetz zum Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch (Introductory Law regarding the Civil Code of Germany).

UKlaG means Unterlassungsklagengesetz (Germany’s Law on Actions for Injunction).

ZAG means Zahlungsdiensteaufsichtsgesetz (Payment Services Supervision Act).


Access to and use of the webpage/website is based on the usage conditions described in the following and the relevant laws and regulations. Through and by accessing and using this webpage/website, the user declares that he agrees to the following usage conditions, without further restrictions or changes:

In the following, Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH, including the subsidiaries in which in participates, are called “AirPlus.”

1. Copyright/Trademarks

Unless otherwise stated, the contents of this webpage/website – including, but not limited to the text, the pictures contained, and the arrangement itself – are the property of AirPlus. This does not apply to the content of third parties to which reference may be made through links, the copyright to which is held, in cases of doubt, by the owner of the web pages/websites connected through a link. All contents provided with a trademark, service sign, or other protection mark that are used or referred to in this webpage/website are the property of the holder of their rights in each case.

The content of this webpage/website can in no way be interpreted in such a way that it tacitly confers, by legal effect or in any other way, a license or title to a copyright, patent, trademark, or other protection right of AirPlus or a third party is transferred. Without the prior consent of AirPlus, neither this webpage/website nor the content made available through it (especially graphic images, audio and video sequences, html codes, buttons, and text) can be copied, reprinted, published, sent, transmitted, or distributed in any other way. Production of one single copy for exclusively personal, non-commercial use by downloading onto a single personal computer (including permanent or temporary storage on this PC, display of its content in off-line mode, and production of a paper copy of parts of the content is, however, expressly permitted, but under the condition that the webpage/website and its content are not changed thereby and all references to copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other protection rights are contained in the copies produced or that a corresponding reference is attached, to the extent that an interface is involved.

Unless otherwise stated to the contrary, AirPlus must make sure that all information that is available on this webpage/website that is available to the user is not confidential or under a protection right. The user declares by entering information that he is properly authorized to make this information available. Because of the open nature of the Internet, AirPlus recommends that no information by made available that the user must consider confidential.

2. Exclusion of guarantees and guarantee benefits

The information on this webpage/website is made available without cost, and it serves only for informational purposes and in not the basis of any business or service relationship between the user and AirPlus. Statements found on the webpage/website do not constitute providing information (actual or requested) AirPlus.

A guarantee or guarantee benefit in any form (especially of suitability for a particular purpose, the existence of legal titles, or non-infringement of rights of third parties) is not given. AirPlus will not be held responsible for the correctness of information provided by us.

3. Liability

AirPlus is in no case liable, except in cases of fraud, for damages that arise from or in connection with the use of this webpage/website or its content. This applies regardless of the form of the claim and the question of whether this claim is on a confidential or non-confidential basis. Nevertheless, a liability remains in cases in which the applicable law (see below) prescribes a compulsory liability or permits no restriction of liability.

4. Links

Links on this webpage/website can refer to webpages/websites or services that are not marketed by AirPlus. AirPlus makes no statement about is in no way represents the services or products of such third parties or the contents on their webpages/websites. A reference to another webpage/website or services represents no approval of this webpage/website or service. Use of the auf information on such a webpage/website or the service offered therein is at the user’s own risk.

5. Agreement with applicable law

Any legal claim or process in connection with the website or its use is based on the interpretation of the laws of the Federal Republic of German, with the exception of regulations of international private law.

The user is responsible for following the legal standards of the territory from which he accesses the webpage/website. He gives assures that access to this webpage/website or use of the information contained therein does not violate any legal standard.

6. Legal remedies in case of contract violation

AirPlus reserves the right, in case of violation of these provision, to make use of the framework of possible legal remedies, including excluding the user from the right to access the site.

7. Access to password-protected areas

Access to and use of secure areas and areas protected by passwords is limited to authorised users. Unauthorised persons who try to gain access to these areas, webpages or sites can be prosecuted.

8. Changes to the provisions

AirPlus retains the right to change these guidelines at any time.

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